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Latest Headlines

125 ex-GSK R&D staffers in RTP face the ax--again

Eight months after the ax dropped late last year, 125 former GlaxoSmithKline staffers in Research Triangle Park found their jobs back on the chopping block Thursday as their new employer at Parexel included them in a lineup of new layoffs.

Report: Parexel layoffs include up to 200 ex-GlaxoSmithKline staffers

When GlaxoSmithKline reported last December that it was ripping into its R&D operations in Research Triangle Park, NC, and laying off 900 staffers, the pharma giant softened the blow by noting that some 450 of the workers would be transferring to Parexel, a major CRO with close ties to Glaxo. But today many of those jobs appear to be in danger after all.

Parexel opens Singapore distribution facility

As drugmakers expand drug development and manufacturing around the world, logistics become important and often challenging. Suppliers, as well as drugmakers, have to figure out how to get ingredients and supplies to new destinations. Parexel is latching onto that opportunity with a new distribution center in Singapore, as well as expansion of operations in Billerica, MA.

Top-heavy market makes times tough for mid-size CROs

Between billion-dollar IPOs and big-name exclusive partnerships, it's a good time to be a giant in the CRO world. However, all the recent consolidation has made it harder for mid-size outfits to compete, as medium-capped players lack the capacity to challenge heavyweights and don't offer the kind of niche services that keep small CROs afloat.

Icon goes on hiring spree as analysts chide CROs on deal risks

Shares of Icon and Parexel slipped a bit yesterday as a crowd of analysts gathered around to criticize the CROs on the downside of a new wave of strategic relationships with Big Pharma companies.

Parexel laying off 300, closing early-phase CRO facilities

The big CRO Parexel outlined plans to restructure its early-stage research efforts last month, offering a big-picture effort to cut back by 30 percent. Now the axe is falling on all nine of its...

Pfizer turns to CROs as it upends huge R&D operation

As Pfizer hatchets billions of dollars from its R&D budget it's turning to two CROs as preferred providers for outsourcing its clinical trial work. In separate releases Parexel and Icon both

Parexel to restructure early-phase R&D as shares plunge

Shares of Parexel International took a beating this morning after the CRO noted a shortfall in early-phase research work that is triggering a restructuring in that segment of its drug research...

Merck teams with Parexel for biosimilars

Merck is boosting its biologics unit in a deal with Parexel. The CRO will provide its clinical development services for Merck BioVenture, including access to regulatory strategy and clinical...

PAREXEL develops cold-chain data system

Global contract researcher PAREXEL has stepped into the cold chain business. The company has unveiled an integrated study-drug transport system for temperature monitoring based on radio-frequency