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Latest Headlines

FDA drops a hold on Halozyme study

The latest news sliced only 3% off the biotech's share price.

Halozyme tanks after another mid-stage setback dings its cancer drug

Halozyme has pressed pause on a Phase II trial of its lead cancer candidate over safety concerns, news that sent the biotech's shares down 25% on Friday morning.

Northwest Bio, NewLink proceed with cancer vax trials to mixed reviews

A pair of biotechs will proceed with cancer vaccine studies thanks to recent recommendations from data-monitoring committees. Their announcements drew mixed results from investors, with Northwest Biotherapeutics' shares soaring and NewLink Genetics' sinking. But as they forge ahead, both companies will have to shake off the looming specters of failed cancer vaccine trials past.

NewLink's cancer vaccine brings hopeful investors back down to earth

After an interim analysis, NewLink Genetics is planning to keep on keeping on with a Phase III study of its cancer vaccine. But that news came as an apparent disappointment to investors, who hoped the drug's promise would result in an early trial termination, and the biotech's shares fell more than 12% on Friday morning.

CytomX 'probody' kills pancreatic cancer cells, leaves healthy tissue intact

Startup CytomX has unveiled new preclinical data showing that its fast-working antibody was effective in pancreatic cancer models as both a single agent and in combination with a currently approved cancer drug.

Johns Hopkins blood test points possible way toward early pancreatic cancer detection

A blood test that screens for two genes could help uncover drastically early signs of pancreatic cancer or spot patients at risk of developing it, researchers believe. Their test could be an important step in reducing mortality from the disease.

Takeda, Hopkins developing new pancreatic cancer drugs

Research presented at the International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics this week in Boston could point the way to new therapies to treat pancreatic cancer.

Bile marker flags pancreatic cancer for earlier treatment

While some investigators are seeking better ways to treat pancreatic cancer, others have been tracking biomarkers that can offer a more accurate way to identify the lethal disease earlier on, so patients can be treated while there's a greater chance of fighting the disease.

Investigator says pancreatic cancer biomarker may point to effective treatment

Pancreatic cancer has long remained one of the toughest targets in the oncology drug field. But an investigator says targeting a biomarker known as phosphatidylserine could greatly improve the odds of coming up with an effective therapy.

Celgene's Abraxane approved for first-line treatment of pancreatic cancer

The FDA today approved Celgene's Abraxane for pancreatic cancer, an approval that provides some hope for extending the lives of patients with the aggressive cancer. It should also significantly extend the earnings power of the drug, which is already approved for breast and lung cancers.