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Latest Headlines

Next-gen approach could help fight pancreatic cancer by altering tumor metabolism

While pancreatic cancer is relatively rare in the U.S., a diagnosis can often mean a death sentence, with the National Cancer Institute pegging the 5-year survival rate at just over 7%. But researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center may have found new possibilities for the treatment of pancreatic cancer, starting with CDK4/6 inhibitors.

KIT team points pancreatic cancer therapy toward clinical trials

Working with the knowledge that the CD44v6 protein acts as a co-receptor for receptor tyrosine kinases like MET and VEGFR-2 that drive pancreatic cancer, a group of German investigators say they've successfully tested a new peptide approach in mice that throws up a hurdle that can blunt and perhaps even stop the development of the disease.

Boston Sci moves deeper into oncology with $70M+ purchase from CeloNova

Cardiovascular-focused Boston Scientific is moving deeper into oncology and expanding its vascular offerings with the purchase of the interventional radiology portfolio of CeloNova BioSciences. The deal with the San Antonio, TX-based startup involves a $70 million upfront payment with additional, undisclosed regulatory and sales milestones.

Epigenomic combo shows promise in mouse model of pancreatic cancer

Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have found that combining two drugs that target the epigenome of cancer cells may be effective in killing off pancreatic tumor cells.

Experimental drug amps up Afinitor's punch against pancreatic cancer

A two-drug combo that matches Afinitor with an experimental compound proved effective in killing pancreatic cancer cells and blunting tumor growth in cell lines and mouse models for the lethal disease.

OncoGenex's drug misses the mark in pancreatic cancer

OncoGenex, a small biotech going it alone in cancer R&D, said one of its drug prospects failed in a pancreatic cancer trial, denting the value of the company's pipeline.

U.K. investigators say diabetes drug may target pancreatic cancer stem cells

Most cancer cells rely on glycolysis to provide energy for the cell, which doesn't use oxygen. Now scientists have discovered that pancreatic cancer stem cells, which they term PancSCs, mostly undergo oxidative phosphorylation, which not only requires oxygen but is a more efficient form of metabolism.

U.S.-Irish collaboration picks up $4.4M in pursuit of pancreatic cancer nanomeds

Research teams from the U.S. and Ireland are joining forces in the development of nanotechnology to treat pancreatic cancer. With a new grant of £2.9 million ($4.4 million), the international cohort aims to create chemotherapy-delivering treatments for the disease, which has the lowest 5-year survival rate of any common cancer.

Liver X receptors studied as a new class of cancer meds

Two researchers at the University of Houston say that recent work highlights the promise of liver X receptors, or LXRs, as a target for hard-to-treat cases of pancreatic cancer.

UCLA researchers position glucose transporter as a target for pancreatic, prostate cancer

Promising research conducted by Dr. Ernest Wright and Dr. Jorge Barrio, both of UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, show two types of sodium-dependent glucose transports known as SGLT1 and SGLT2 are actively involved in glucose uptake into tumors. And that makes them prime targets for drug investigators.