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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Merck KGaA carves into MS R&D after a string of setbacks

After seeing its reputation as a leader in multiple sclerosis erode over recent years, Merck KGaA has decided to carve back the number of staffers working in preclinical R&D in the field.

Dako joins up with Ono to develop cancer companion Dx

Denmark's Dako is teaming up with Ono Pharmaceutical to develop a test for Ono and Bristol-Myers Squibb's drug for non-small cell lung cancer, Opdivo, adding to its tally of companion diagnostics partnerships and gaining more ground in the field.

Gilead buys into Ono's cancer drug as it scales up in oncology

Gilead Sciences is pushing further into oncology R&D, teaming up with Ono Pharmaceutical on a cancer treatment that could complement its first major success in the field.

Amgen, Sanofi and Ono band together for open-source R&D

Biopharma giants Amgen, Sanofi and Ono have joined a group of international academics to flesh out a promising but underexplored field of drug development, planning to share their discoveries with the public in hopes of galvanizing global R&D.

Anti-PD-1 cancer star nivolumab wins world's first regulatory approval

The anti-PD-1 immuno-oncology drug star nivolumab has won the race to the world's first regulatory checkered flag for an approval. Ono Pharmaceutical, which picked up the Japanese rights to the drug in a collaboration deal with Medarex back in 2005, says regulators in the Asian country approved nivolumab for sale as a treatment for unresectable melanoma.

Merck KGaA pulls the plug on Ono's MS drug as the market crowds

Merck KGaA is backing out of its multiple sclerosis deal with Japan's Ono Pharmaceutical, deciding not to take the plunge on Phase III development for a drug that would face stiff competition.

Top 10 experimental cancer drugs- 2013

In our third annual report on 10 exciting cancer drugs, there are plenty of R&D programs zipping through trials with the blessing of the FDA, which has awarded "breakthrough" status for expedited development to treatments in oncology more than any other field. Read the report >>

AMRI inks 5-year CDMO deal with Ono

AMRI has locked down another 5-year partnership with Japan's Ono Pharmaceutical, agreeing to provide development and manufacturing services for the company's treatments, which include a promising multiple sclerosis drug.

Ono's oral MS drug eliminates brain lesions in promising PhII study

An oral MS drug was credited with eliminating a large percentage of the brain lesions characteristic of the disease.

UPDATED: Merck KGaA bolsters MS pipeline in $20M pact with Ono

If at first you don't succeed with a blockbuster drug, try, try again. Merck KGaA 's Serono division has worked out a pair of new deals that will bring its R&D division in league with the