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Latest Headlines

Zafgen tees up an $86M IPO for eye-catching obesity drug

Zafgen has been turning heads with some jaw-dropping results from its mid-stage studies for a promising new obesity drug. And now the biotech hopes to parlay its eye-catching, if risky, technology into an $86 million IPO.

U.K. team scores with blood test that might spot children likely to become obese

U.K. researchers have made advances developing a blood test that could screen for patients who have a genetic predisposition to obesity. Their work, published in the journal Diabetes, involves a team from the University of Southampton, University of Exeter Medical School and elsewhere.

Knocking out gene reduces fat, extends lifespan in mice

Investigators have identified a gene that appears to play a leading role in coordinating the immune system and metabolism, a finding that could have implications for treating Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Novo Nordisk targets Mexico for early obesity drug launch

Novo Nordisk has its sights set on Mexico. The Danish drugmaker has put that country next on its list to debut liraglutide in its new guise as a weight-loss drug.

Epilepsy drug reverses fatty liver disease in obese mice

A commonly used epilepsy drug may be able to stop fatty liver disease and prevent Type 2 diabetes in obese people, according to a new study by Johns Hopkins researchers.

Discovery links genes to excess belly fat

New genes identified by scientists at the University of Louisville in Kentucky may indicate a person's predisposition to excess abdominal fat, which can be an indicator of more serious health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and cancer.

Inflammatory marker presents a new target for obesity drug developers

A team of investigators at the University of Queensland in Australia says it has found an inflammatory protein called PAR2 that builds up in the fat tissue of obese humans and rodents.

Orexigen shares soar as long-delayed weight drug clears PhIII safety hurdle

More than two years after Orexigen began a forced march back through a $100 million Phase III study for its weight drug Contrave, the biotech is back with the news that it scored the positive interim results it needs for a return trip to the FDA. And the drug developer says it can look ahead to a potential approval as early as June, 2014.

Compound that targets fat-burning mechanism discovered

Austrian researchers have discovered a compound that may be able to activate a protein in the body to trigger fat burning.

Zafgen obesity drug scores heavyweight success in PhII trial

Promising results from early-stage work on Zafgen's weight drug beloranib clear a path to a Phase IIb trial that can fine-tune the dose while taking more time to gauge the long-term impact of its treatment on weight and set the right tone for ongoing talks with investors about a new financing round for the biotech.