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Latest Headlines

UC Berkeley team says brown fat implants may effectively tackle obesity

A team of scientists at UC Berkeley have developed a technique that utilizes the protective effects of brown fat--which may potentially lead to a new approach to manage obesity, diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

Pfizer, OrbiMed back $40M Rhythm round for rare genetic disease R&D

Boston-based Rhythm has gone back to the venture well to draw up a fresh $40 million in backing from some A-list investors to fuel a mid-stage program for rare genetic disorders linked with a lethal level of obesity.

Vitamin B3 pathway may lead to new obesity drugs

Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center say that a newly discovered vitamin B3 pathway could prove fruitful in pursuing new drugs for obesity, diabetes and other metabolic conditions.

UBC team stakes a claim on a newly discovered 'obesity gene'

By silencing a gene which encodes the protein 14-3-3zeta, scientists at the University of British Columbia say they were able to halve the amount of white fat in mice, possibly opening the door to a new approach to fighting obesity.

Israeli med tech studies breath test in clinical trial for obesity-related cirrhosis candidate

The clinical evaluation of cirrhosis can rely upon a whole range of standard medical tests including hepatic venous pressure gradient (HVPG), liver biopsy results, and liver stiffness testing. But Israeli med tech Exalenz Bioscience is working to develop a breath test for its BreathID system that could offer accurate diagnosis and monitoring for a version of the disease, NASH cirrhosis in a Phase II clinical trial with biotech micro-cap Galectin Therapeutics.

Can a dwindling rep tally keep Vivus' obesity med in the game?

With a trio of new obesity meds on the scene, some industry watchers expected the market to see some serious expansion. But development has been slow--much slower than Qsymia maker Vivus expected--and halving its rep tally is just one step the drugmaker is taking to help ease the pain.

In a big week for obesity devices, GI Dynamics terminates U.S. pivotal obesity device trial

One of a handful of obesity devices aiming for the U.S. market has been sidelined. Australian company GI Dynamics has opted, after discussions with the FDA, to terminate its pivotal trial for its EndoBarrier due to safety concerns. The trial had already been placed on hold by the agency in March due to the incidence of hepatic abscess.

A small molecule 'exercise mimetic' may help control Type 2 diabetes and obesity

Researchers at the University of Southampton have developed a small molecule which they refer to as "Compound 14" that deceives cells into thinking they have run out of energy--spurring on glucose uptake and increasing metabolism.

New obesity meds 'pretty safe,' but some side effects bear watching: AdverseEvents

An analysis by AdverseEvents shows the new generation of obesity meds are holding their own, safety-wise. Still, postmarketing data flag some serious cardiovascular and neuropsychiatric side effects that are worth monitoring, the healthcare informatics firm says.

Investors punish micro-cap EnteroMedics as it raises $35M to market recently approved obesity device

Wall Street remains skeptical of the first obesity device to be approved by the FDA in more than a decade. The agency approved VBLOC Vagal Blocking Therapy via the EnteroMedics Maestro System in January based on less-than-stellar pivotal data and a mixed panel review. Some investors are backing the company in its follow-on, which has raised $35 million, but at very steep terms.