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Latest Headlines

Takeda punts $620M antibody licensing pact with Immunomedics

Two years after Takeda acquired Nycomed, it's opted to punt a troubled partnership it inherited with Immunomedics on an anti-CD20 antibody pact struck 5 years ago for up to $620 million.

Credit Suisse says Pfizer patent win will discourage 'at-risk' launches

Will Pfizer's big patent win against Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and India's Sun Pharma on Protonix discourage more "at-risk" drug launches of generics in the U.S.?

Teva loses $2B gamble on generic of Pfizer's Protonix

When Teva Pharmaceutical Industries launched a generic version of Protonix in 2007 before its patent expiration, it set aside $670 million to compensate Pfizer for lost profits on the drug. But with a settlement announced today, the company is finding itself $1.6 billion short.

NPS Pharma goes global with $80M deal to buy back Takeda's Gattex rights

NPS Pharmaceuticals has locked up the global rights to Gattex. The biotech bought back the ex-U.S. rights to its newly approved orphan drug (teduglutide) alongside another drug program close to a U.S. filing for rare cases of hypoparathyroidism, handing over $50 million in stock--a 7% equity stake in the company--with another $30 million on the table if the company hits a key sales milestone.

Ariad lands Jonathan E. Dickinson as general manager, Europe

Welcome to this week's roundup of hirings and firings throughout the industry. Please send the good word (or the bad) from your shop to Jennifer Levin (email | Twitter) and we will feature it...

Ex-Nycomed chief to take chairman's seat at Lundbeck

Björklund had been CEO at the Swiss drugmaker Nycomed, until it sold out to Takeda Pharmaceuticals in 2011.

Private equity's pharma hopes exemplified by Nycomed

If you've ever wondered why private equity investors are such big buyers and sellers in the pharma world, look no further than Nycomed. As Forbes explains, Nordic Capital, a small Swedish firm...

EC antitrust squad drops AZ-Nycomed probe

AstraZeneca ($AZN) and Nycomed are in the clear, at least as far as European regulators are concerned. The European Commission's antitrust squad has dropped an investigation of the two companies...

Wyeth puts $960M squeeze on Sun for Protonix launch

Sun Pharmaceuticals ' at-risk launch of generic Protonix may prove to have been risky indeed. Pfizer's ($PFE) Wyeth unit slapped the Indian drugmaker with a $960 million damages claim, alleging Sun's

Astellas scores highest in Japanese M&A bout

Japan’s biggest pharma players have been roaming the world in recent years in a restless search for new acquisitions. They've been looking for deals to put an extra oomph into their earnings.