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Latest Headlines

Bristol-Myers jockeys for promising position in hep C drug race

Three days after Bristol-Myers Squibb filed for FDA approval of the NS5A drug daclatasvir combined with asunaprevir, an NS3 protease inhibitor, the biotech company has turned over some of the Phase III cards it will be playing for an approval in markets around the world.

UPDATED: Bristol-Myers finds silver (tax) lining after Hep C disaster

Bristol-Myers Squibb watched its coveted hepatitis C drug 094 go down the drain last year after discovering safety hazards in a midstage study. Yet the pharma giant ($BMY) managed to ease some of its financial pain from the failed program with a tax benefit that ended up lifting its fourth-quarter profits 8.6%, the Wall Street Journal 's Peter Loftus reported.

Achillion burnishes buyout prospects, snags fast track for hep C drug

Achillion CEO Michael Kishbauch hasn't been the least bit shy about touting the company's buyout prospects. Quick to boast about the biotech's promising hepatitis C drugs, he's been raising hopes and stirring buyout buzz with every appearance.