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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

FDA approves NPS Pharma's drug, burnishing Shire's $5.2B bet

NPS Pharma picked up FDA approval for the rare disease-treating Natpara, capping a lengthy review process and supporting Shire's decision to spend $5.2 billion on the company.

Shire CEO sees 'home turf' marketing advantage with NPS buy

Shire, which announced its deal for NPS Pharma on Sunday, is already readying itself to take on-market short bowel syndrome-fighter Gattex--launched in the U.S. in Q1 2013 and in Europe in Q3 2014--to the next level.

UPDATED: Shire CEO extends deal drive with $5.2B NPS Pharma buyout

Shire has snapped up NPS Pharmaceuticals for $5.2 billion, in a deal aimed at beefing up its rare disease portfolio.

UPDATED: Shire nabs NPS's rare disease drug portfolio in $5.2B buyout

Shire has struck a deal to buy NPS Pharma and its rare disease drug portfolio for $46 a share, or $5.2 billion, making headlines for its go-it-alone strategy on the eve of the big JP Morgan conference in San Francisco.

NPS is officially up for sale. Will deal-minded Shire bid?

After months of takeover speculation, New Jersey's NPS Pharmaceuticals is officially up for grabs. And now, all eyes are on rumored suitor Shire.

Flush-with-cash Shire revisits deal for NPS Pharma

Armed with a $1.64 billion breakup fee from former merger partner AbbVie and a brand-new $2.1 billion revolving loan facility, Shire looks ready to strike a deal. Rumor says it's revisiting some of its old targets, including New Jersey's NPS Pharmaceuticals.

NPS Pharma will have to wait another three months for an FDA OK

The FDA has postponed its final decision on an orphan drug from NPS Pharma, taking its time with the company's application and delaying the fate of a closely watched therapy.

NPS slides as faint panel praise puts FDA approval in jeopardy

NPS Pharmaceuticals walked away from an FDA panel meeting with a recommendation to approve its orphan drug, but a lukewarm reception and nagging safety concerns have investors fearing the worst.

NPS jumps as FDA reviewers take little issue with orphan drug

NPS Pharma is moving toward FDA approval with its treatment for a rare disease, as agency staff applauded the drug's efficacy ahead of a make-or-break panel vote.

Analysts: Shire must go shopping to stay independent

Rumors that Shire is preparing a 10-figure bid for NPS Pharma may have been overblown, but analysts say the Irish drugmaker should take a hard look at M&A if it wants to avoid becoming a target in its own right.