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Latest Headlines

At-home, infant breathing smartphone monitor startup nabs $7M for consumer launch

Owlet Baby Care has expanded its Series A round by $6 million. It also picked up another $1 million in a National Institutes of Health grant--to bring its fundraising total to $9.2 million. The startup will use that cash for a fall launch of its Owlet Baby Monitor that is intended to alert parents via smartphone if their baby stops breathing.

NIAID scientists one step closer to 'universal' flu vaccine

A vaccine against a wide range of flu viruses has long eluded scientists, but NIAID researchers have discovered what could be the foundation of a 'universal' flu vaccine.

NIH finds sand fly saliva may be the key to leishmaniasis vaccine

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health reported that a leishmaniasis vaccine based on sand fly saliva has worked well in monkeys. 

Serious manufacturing issues tied to fungal contamination in NIH facility

The FDA, which has been going full bore after offending compounding pharmacies, has now turned its attention to one of its sister agencies. The result is that the National Institutes of Health has closed its Pharmaceutical Development Section after FDA inspectors found "serious manufacturing problems" that resulted in fungal contamination in a drug used in clinical trials.

Molecular Dx: Invitae drops prices as NIH starts 1,000-patient, molecular abnormalities cancer study

Newly public genetic information company Invitae has dropped prices for its genetic tests, just as the NIH says it will launch a study of the efficacy of cancer drugs by genetic mutation. Both are a testament to the rapidly evolving role of genetic information in patient treatment.

NIH announces winning teams of Neuro Startup Challenge to commercialize its inventions

The National Institutes of Health announced the 13 winning teams of the Neuro Startup Challenge. They were chosen to commercialize its unlicensed technologies to improve brain health.

NIH backs database of rare pediatric genetic disorders

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center has received $2.2 million from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to track children who have rare genetic disorders.

UPDATED: NIH funds studies of J&J's and GSK's injectable HIV meds, says daily pills lead to noncompliance

In bid to improve patient adherence, the U.S. National Institutes of Health is funding and helping run two clinical trials of long-acting injectable HIV candidates being developed by Johnson & Johnson's Janssen and GlaxoSmithKline.

NIH-backed researchers map epigenome of 100+ tissue and cell types

Researchers supported by the National Institutes of Health Common Fund's Roadmap Epigenomics Program have successfully mapped the epigenomes of 127 types of human cells and tissues. This bridges the basic charting of the human genome by filling in the specificities on which parts of it are involved in making a particular kind of cell.

NIH proposes a large-scale collaborative research effort into nondrug pain management

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has proposed conducting large research studies of nondrug pain management approaches. It did so in a report by a working group of the Center's Advisory Council.