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Latest Headlines

Roche looks to shake up the MS market with some promising Phase III data

Roche's much-hyped multiple sclerosis treatment ocrelizumab kept up its momentum with the release of detailed late-stage data, burnishing hopes the injected drug is a blockbuster in the making.

Biogen, Sanofi, Novartis tout long-term benefits at ECTRIMS as new competition advances

Biogen, Sanofi and Novartis are all touting new data showing long-term benefits for their respective meds at this year's European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) meeting--and with tough new competition on the way, they may need it.

Sanofi offers some data that might help Aubagio as it chases market share

Sanofi's multiple sclerosis pill Aubagio has been an also-ran behind established drugs like Teva's Copaxone and newer drugs like Biogen's Tecfidera. But the French drugmaker has not given up on it and today released data that might give it a new opening even as the MS market is shifting.

Roche poised for MS coup with PhIII success in progressive disease

Roche's experimental therapy, ocrelizumab, recently posted positive Phase III data in patients with primary progressive multiple sclerosis, a less common form of the disease--affecting about 10% to 20% of sufferers--that right now remains untreated.

Roche poised for MS coup with success in hard-to-treat progressive form

Roche is aiming to break into the multiple sclerosis field with ocrelizumab, an investigational therapy that marks the Swiss pharma giant's first foray into the disease area. And despite the big guns competing in the space, Roche may be able to corner a piece of the market for itself.

Bayer eyes challenge to oral MS meds with new Betaseron injector

How do you keep a 22-year-old injectable multiple sclerosis therapy competitive in the face of threats from high-flying oral contenders? Bayer has an idea. The company recently won FDA approval for Betaconnect, an automatic injector it thinks can help keep its standby treatment, Betaseron, in the game.

Bayer introduces autoinjector for its multiple sclerosis drug to fend off oral competitors

Bayer is hoping that a new electronic autoinjector will slow the fall of lucrative multiple sclerosis drug Betaseron off of the dreaded patent expiry sales cliff.

Roche scores an MS first with a potential blockbuster on its hands

An in-development drug from Roche performed well against a hard-to-treat form of multiple sclerosis in what the company says is a Phase III first that could shake up a $20 billion market.

Roche preps for make-or-break MS data with eyes on a crowded space

Roche's in-development treatment for multiple sclerosis met its main efficacy goals in pair of Phase III trials, but the looming release of full study results will likely influence how well the drug can contend with top-selling products already on the market.

Four years after a transatlantic slapdown, Merck KGaA will once again seek cladribine OK

Merck KGaA is bringing cladribine--the multiple sclerosis pill scuttled by regulatory rejections on both sides of the Atlantic four years ago--back from the dead.