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Latest Headlines

Alkermes takes its Tecfidera beater into clinical trials for MS

Alkermes has its sights set on Biogen Idec's blockbuster multiple sclerosis treatment, advancing a me-better candidate of its own into Phase I study.

U-turn from U.K.'s NICE boosts Biogen's high-flying Tecfidera

Biogen Idec's multiple sclerosis pill Tecfidera has been steamrolling since it hit the U.S. market last April. And now, it's poised to pad global sales with a victory in the U.K., whose cost watchdog has given it the OK in final guidance after flip-flopping on a February decision not to endorse the drug.

Researchers use wearable iPad to assess multiple sclerosis symptoms

A strong combo of an Apple iPad and a specially made attachment are working together as a state-of-the-art multiple sclerosis assessment tool.

Merck KGaA pulls the plug on Ono's MS drug as the market crowds

Merck KGaA is backing out of its multiple sclerosis deal with Japan's Ono Pharmaceutical, deciding not to take the plunge on Phase III development for a drug that would face stiff competition.

Once-monthly MS drug from Biogen Idec, AbbVie clears Phase III hurdle

Biogen Idec and AbbVie announced Monday morning that their once-monthly multiple sclerosis drug daclizumab has cleared key hurdles in a Phase III study, setting the stage for a marketing pitch to regulatory authorities.

MS docs, activists pressure U.K. cost watchdog to bless Biogen, GW meds

The U.K.'s cost-effectiveness agency is accustomed to boos and hisses. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence often turns down new treatments it considers too expensive for their payoff in patients. So, will a campaign by patient advocates sway its opinion on two new multiple sclerosis drugs?

Receptos shares spike as oral drug reduces brain lesions in PhII MS trial

Last year Receptos pulled off one of the most successful biotech IPOs in a red-hot market for new offerings, largely on the promise of a midstage study underway for its oral multiple sclerosis drug. And this morning investors spurred a 35% spike in its share price as investigators spelled out promising data from that Phase II trial.

ImStem therapy reverses multiple sclerosis symptoms in mice

Researchers from ImStem Biotechnology, University of Connecticut Health Center and Advanced Cell Technology have successfully treated mice with multiple sclerosis using human embryonic stem cells derived from mesenchymal stem cells, known as hES-MSCs.

Novartis, Merck KGaA use digital tracking in MS patients to up their competitive game

The market for multiple sclerosis drugs is not an easy one, especially now that Biogen Idec's soaring Tecfidera has arrived on the scene. But MS drugmakers Novartis and Merck KGaA are doing what they can to keep their edges, rolling out a pair of digital solutions to help patients manage the disease.

Sanofi rolls the dice again on Lemtrada after an FDA rejection

Sanofi has resubmitted Lemtrada, its long-in-development multiple sclerosis treatment, for FDA approval, gambling that a new analysis of the same data will sway regulators in a second review.