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Latest Headlines

Novartis' new myeloma med faces tough tussle with Pomalyst, Kyprolis

The multiple myeloma market already had a couple of meds with third-line nods when the FDA decided to throw a surprise approval into the mix. Can brand-new Farydak from Novartis actually put up a roadblock for Amgen's Kyprolis and Celgene's Pomalyst? That remains to be seen.

Amgen hopes new data can give Kyprolis a jump on rival Pomalyst

Good news for Amgen and its quest to gain a multiple myeloma edge over Celgene's Pomalyst: Results are out from a Phase III Kyprolis trial in patients with relapsed forms of the disease--and investigators say they could crown a new standard of care.

Study finds new genetic variants linked to blood cancer

Multiple myeloma, one of the most common types of blood cancer, has been linked to a gene that's responsible for regulating the aging process in the human body.

Multiple myeloma data project could drive innovation

Later this year, the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation and genomic software startup GenoSpace plan to launch a massive data project, called the CoMMpass study, which will follow 1,000 multiple myeloma patients over a 5-year period to help scientists understand the molecular changes underpinning the progression of the disease.

Acetylon's HDAC drug fights sickle cell disease, beta thalassemia in blood cell studies

In a preclinical study in human blood cells, Acetylon Pharmaceuticals' selective histone deacetylase (HDAC) 1/2 inhibitor was able to trigger production of fetal hemoglobin, a working form of hemoglobin that is suppressed in adults.

Database aims to speed discoveries for blood cancer treatments

Academic and industry researchers could tap the data set to seek individualized treatments, diagnostics and targets for new therapies against cancer.

Cephalon cancer drug, in combo therapy, kills multiple myeloma cells in mice

Researchers in Virginia identified a potentially powerful new treatment for the blood cancer multiple myeloma. They defeated the cancer in the lab and in animal trials by combining obatoclax, a cancer drug under development at Cephalon, and flavopiridol, a potential oncology drug once under development at Sanofi.

Onyx staffs up for Kyprolis' assault on myeloma market

Onyx Pharmaceuticals has staffed up to launch its newly approved Kyprolis drug for multiple myeloma. The company hired a dedicated marketing team of about 100, Xconomy reports, comprising sales reps, oncology nurses and reimbursement specialists.

'Universal' cancer vaccine not miraculous but could bring hope

The Israeli company Vaxil BioTherapeutics is making the most of the fact that most cancers have the MUC1 antigen on the surface of the cells with its experimental peptide vaccine ImMucin.

OncoPep vax aims to stop multiple myeloma before it starts

Massachussetts start-up OncoPep has raised $3.65 million to back development of a vaccine designed to prevent multiple myeloma before develops fully into the disease. Current treatment can extend