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Latest Headlines

Amgen looks to Europe for Kyprolis boost as it battles Pomalyst, Darzalex at home

It's been more than three years since Amgen's multiple myeloma treatment Kyprolis won approval from U.S. regulators. Now, it's finally done the same in Europe--and with competition heating up across the pond, the go-ahead couldn't have come at a better time for the California biotech.

Takeda's 'breakthrough' Velcade heir wins early FDA approval in myeloma

Takeda Pharmaceutical's top cancer prospect won a speedy FDA approval, wading into a crowded market for multiple myeloma treatments with hopes of duplicating the success of Velcade.

J&J undercuts Celgene's Pomalyst with $135K-per-year Darzalex price

Johnson & Johnson's new multiple myeloma treatment Darzalex (daratumumab) scored a speedy FDA approval, entering a market that's already crowded with last-ditch treatments. But the company is hoping an impressive response rate will help the new med knock aside Celgene's Pomalyst and Amgen's Kyprolis in the battle for market share.

J&J nabs an early OK for 'breakthrough' multiple myeloma blockbuster contender Darzalex

Johnson & Johnson scored an early FDA approval for its "breakthrough" blockbuster contender daratumumab, earning a swift OK as a new treatment for multiple myeloma four months ahead of the PDUFA date. The drug will be marketed as Darzalex.

Bristol-Myers and AbbVie speed toward FDA approval with a 'breakthrough' cancer drug

A new drug for blood cancer from Bristol-Myers Squibb and AbbVie is on the fast track to FDA approval, winning a priority review to treat multiple myeloma.

Adding new multiple myeloma meds to the mix will boost sales to $9B: report

The market for multiple myeloma drugs is poised for expansion, in part thanks to a globally aging population and improved diagnostic techniques. But new meds are doing their fair share, too, and they'll help push the market's value to nearly $9 billion in 2021, a new report says.

Takeda rolls toward EU approval with its heir to Velcade

Takeda's top oncology prospect is moving toward approval in the European Union, as continental regulators have accepted the company's application and promised a shortened review period for the blood cancer treatment.

Marketers need a new data-fueled groove to really capitalize on latest meds

Makers of multiple myeloma drugs are vying for position in a space that's heating up, pointing to promising survival data to help their drugs gain ground. But if they tweaked their marketing strategies, they could have an easier time.

Study: Pharma should revamp marketing for life-extending blood cancer meds

Drugmakers point to promising data for their new multiple myeloma meds, showing that they could tack years onto patients' lives. But for pharma to get the most bang for its buck it should rethink its marketing strategies, according to a study from consulting firm ZS Associates.

Takeda hands in its Velcade successor with blockbuster ambitions

Japanese drugmaker Takeda is angling to win FDA approval for its lead cancer asset, an oral treatment for blood malignancies that is key to the company's future in oncology.