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Latest Headlines

MorphoSys picks Dotmatics tool to visualize, analyze screening data

MorphoSys is to implement Dotmatics' Vortex to visualize and analyze its screening data. The move is intended to cut the time it takes MorphoSys to identify the most promising candidates from its library of 100 billion human antibodies.

GSK moves in-licensed MorphoSys' drug toward Phase II osteoarthritis trial

GlaxoSmithKline is preparing to move the granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor antibody it licensed from MorphoSys into a Phase II trial in osteoarthritis of the hand. The move opens up a new possible indication for the drug, which GSK saw primarily as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis when it picked it up in a €445 million ($483 million) deal.

MorphoSys to ramp up R&D expenditure to support slate of clinical trials

MorphoSys is set to ratchet up investment in R&D as it seeks to push candidates through late-phase trials and win the approvals that will allow it to evolve into a fully integrated biopharma company. The additional funds will support the startup of 5 new trials over the next 15 months.

MorphoSys trades assets with Immatics to bolster I-O ambitions

MorphoSys has moved to add targets for its immuno-oncology arsenal. The agreement sees MorphoSys gain access to tumor-associated peptides discovered by its compatriot Immatics Biotechnologies in exchange for some of its antibodies, with both companies paying out milestones as their respective programs advance.

MorphoSys hooks up with G7 Therapeutics to feed hunger for stabilized GPCRs

MorphoSys has struck another deal to support its ambitions to create antibodies against G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). The latest deal sees MorphoSys hook up with G7 Therapeutics, a Swiss biotech with platforms for the creation of stabilized GPCRs suitable for structure-based drug design.

MorphoSys posts solid early MOR202 data but still sees Genmab disappear into the distance

MorphoSys has released an early look at data from a Phase I/IIa trial of multiple myeloma drug MOR202. While the results are free from major red flags, the publication of Phase II data on Genmab and Johnson & Johnson's rival anti-CD38 drug just days earlier showed the scale of the task now facing MorphoSys.

MorphoSys swoops for Lanthio as biotech investment plan matures

MorphoSys has acquired Lanthio Pharma. The deal comes 30 months after MorphoSys originally hooked up with Lanthio, which was the first company to receive an investment from its biotech financing initiative.

MorphoSys bags a peptide biotech for $22M

MorphoSys pulled the trigger on a deal for partner Lanthio Pharma, paying €20 million ($22 million) for the shares it didn't already own and picking up a handful of peptide candidates.

MorphoSys: That Celgene-abandoned cancer drug isn't dead yet

Germany's MorphoSys is moving on after the surprise cancelation of a Celgene partnership spooked investors and battered the company's share price, with CEO Simon Moroney preaching patience for an early-stage cancer candidate.

MorphoSys tanks after Celgene walks away from $818M pact

Celgene has walked away from its $818 million multiple myeloma co-development pact with MorphoSys less than two years after striking the deal. The decision means Celgene has nothing to show for the $92 million upfront payment it made in 2013, but MorphoSys was hit harder by the news.