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Latest Headlines

ThromboGenics spins out Roche-rejected cancer drug

ThromboGenics is trying to give the TB-403 cancer drug Roche walked away from in 2012 a new lease of life. The arrangement sees ThromboGenics teaming up with life science research institute VIB to create a new biotech focused on shepherding the drug through clinical development.

UPDATED: Genmab stock jumps after PhII cancer data raise hopes of speedy approval

Phase II data from Genmab have ratcheted up expectations for a fast-track approval of its Johnson & Johnson-partnered treatment for double refractory multiple myeloma. Analysts see the data as strong enough to bring the CD38 monoclonal antibody to market in the first half of 2016.

UPDATED: Inovio's DNA-plasmid delivery approach yields potential treatment for chikungunya

Biotech Inovio revealed that all the mice that received its monoclonal antibody targeting chikungunya virus were protected from the disease, raising hopes that the first drug for the condition could be on the horizon.

Novimmune banks $66M for immunotherapies as IPO rumors surface

Swiss biotech Novimmune has closed a $66 million B round to bankroll its broad pipeline of monoclonal antibodies, and one of the company's lead investors told a local newspaper that it's considering going public to further finance its projects.

Theraclone reels as feds deny funding for flu antibody

Theraclone Sciences was hoping for a federal cash infusion to keep its anti-influenza antibody program rolling, but a denial from the government will force the biotech to handle Phase II on its own.

On a roll, MacroGenics scoops up $10M on tumor drug milestone

Less than a year after striking a $1.1 billion antibody development deal with French drugmaker Servier, the Rockville, MD-based biotech has snagged a $10 million milestone for dosing the first patient in an early-stage study of their tumor-targeting drug MGA271.

Eisai's pivotal hopes for ovarian cancer drug dashed by PhIII flop

Back in 2007 when Japan's Eisai agreed to pay $325 million in cash for the U.S.-based Morphotek, the pharma company had high hopes for the biotech's pipeline-leading drug focused on ovarian cancer. But those hopes could not live up to a pivotal test as farletuzumab, also known as MORAb-003, failed to hit a statistically significant goalpost for progression-free survival.

Amgen, Lilly turn in upbeat data on rival psoriasis drugs

In the hunt to develop targeted drugs against plaque psoriasis, Amgen and Eli Lilly reported positive study results.

Abcam's $155M Epitomics buyout expands antibody business

Bidding to up its game in the antibody business, the U.K.'s Abcam has snapped up California-based Epitomics for $155 million.

Xoma axing 84 jobs to save dollars for lead drug

Xoma ($XOMA) has rung in 2012 with major cutbacks and organizational changes. The Berkeley, CA-based biotech company aims to axe 84 jobs or 34% of its work force by the end of the first quarter with