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Latest Headlines

Big rounds push 2014 biotech venture funding to near-record $6B

With a big assist from Moderna's recent monster round, the biotech industry came within a rounding error of breaking the record for new venture investing in 2014, racking up $5.96 billion in total investments in a frenzied year of deals, data and buyouts, according to The MoneyTree Report by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association based on data from Thomson Reuters.

Merck bets $100M on Moderna and its pioneering RNA tech

Pharma giant Merck is buying into the allure of Moderna Therapeutics and its radical promise to transform patients' cells into drug factories, committing $100 million and joining a host of collaborators and investors betting the early-stage biotech is sitting on transformational technology.

Moderna hauls in $450M to push its pioneering approach to mRNA

Superlatively well-funded biotech Moderna Therapeutics has raised another $450 million in venture cash, planning to staff up and buckle down on a slew of preclinical candidates that promises to transform patients' cells into drug factories.

Moderna teams up with Karolinska to flesh out its mRNA promise

Well-funded biotech Moderna Therapeutics has inked a long-term deal with Sweden's Karolinska Institutet to spotlight new applications for the company's messenger RNA technology.

Show me the money: Which drugs made the top 10 list on upfront deals?

Given the eyebrow-raising cash component in Celgene's new deal with Nogra, we thought it would be fun to list the top 10 upfronts paid for experimental drugs, ranked simply according to the cash included in the upfront--no surer sign of what a company really thinks about the potential of an experimental therapy or portfolio.

For its next trick, Moderna splits in two with $20M cancer venture

Moderna Therapeutics has chosen the big stage of the J.P. Morgan conference to unveil its next gambit: splitting in two and launching a standalone company to advance its oncology programs.

Cash-laden Moderna snags $125M in Alexion RNA deal

Cambridge, MA's Moderna Therapeutics is marching on with another high-dollar deal, getting $125 million up front to lend its messenger RNA platform to rare disease luminary Alexion Pharmaceuticals.

Moderna nails $110M to get mRNA tech into the clinic

Moderna Therapeutics is having quite a year, and the Cambridge, MA, biotech just put a $110 million capstone on 2013, raising a colossal new round and riding high on technology that promises to transform the human body into a drug factory.

Moderna lands $25M grant to develop its RNA platform against infectious diseases, bioterror

Moderna Therapeutics' messenger RNA therapy platform is attracting attention these days. The Cambridge, MA-based company has won a notable deal with the U.S. government--worth up to $25 million--to develop its therapeutics to make antibody-producing drugs that would combat emerging infectious diseases and biological health threats.

The 2013 Fierce 15 biotech execs take a bow

Our annual Fierce 15 report on a top class of up-and-coming private biotechs came out today and I wanted to highlight the responses from many of the companies which are on the list. Read more | Check out this year's report