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Latest Headlines

Merck KGaA's cancer vaccine endures another clinical failure

Tecemotide, Merck KGaA's 9-lived cancer vaccine, has flunked another clinical trial, missing its main goal in a Japanese study and casting further doubts on the program's future.

When will Merck KGaA take the M&A plunge?

Merck KGaA is talking up deals again, pointing to its healthy cash reserves and saying it can well afford a blockbuster buyout to bolster its pipeline. But that's been the story for nearly a year, so what's the German giant waiting on?

Merck KGaA brings in a new R&D boss amid its global rethink

Merck KGaA, in the middle of a reformation plot in its biopharma division, has found a new head of drug R&D, moving on after its last research chief lasted just 6 months in the job.

Mersana grabs a $792M ADC development pact with Merck KGaA

Mersana Therapeutics has inked another antibody-drug conjugate development pact, this time with the R&D team at Merck KGaA in Germany.

Merck KGaA pulls the plug on Ono's MS drug as the market crowds

Merck KGaA is backing out of its multiple sclerosis deal with Japan's Ono Pharmaceutical, deciding not to take the plunge on Phase III development for a drug that would face stiff competition.

Merck KGaA tackles hot immuno-oncology field in partnership with MorphoSys

MorphoSys has notched another high-profile pharma partnership on its belt of antibody deals, and it's set its sights on immune checkpoint inhibitors. With this pact, Merck KGaA is also staking out a position on the growing roster of companies scrambling to find a profitable place for itself in immuno-oncology.

Merck KGaA bets on biosimilars with an eye on M&A

Merck KGaA has long said it's not affraid to spend big on bolstering its pipeline, and part of the German drugmaker's value-creation plan is a sizable investment in biosimilars.

Merck KGaA teams up with Pfizer to spotlight new lupus therapies

Rival drugmakers Merck KGaA and Pfizer are putting their cash and expertise into a new effort to better understand lupus, tapping the Broad Institute for a Big Data approach to help map out the disease and light the way for future drug candidates.

Merck KGaA R&D chief exits, Sobi drug flops in PhIII, Adaptimmune gets full-time CEO

Welcome to our first edition of the weekly EuroBiotech Report, where  FierceBiotech  will go deeper into the news and events happening in Europe.

Merck KGaA has the firepower to pull off a big buyout, but will it?

The execs at Merck KGaA have been hinting around for months now that they're interested in doing some sizable deals to build up the drug R&D side of the business at the conglomerate. And CEO Karl-Ludwig Kley helped feed the rumor mill on Friday with his boast that the company has deep enough pockets to pull off a multibillion-dollar buyout without straining.