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Latest Headlines

Medtronic touts its upgraded wearable neurostimulator to evaluate overactive bladder

Medtronic is rolling out its upgraded, Bluetooth-enabled wearable device, the Verify Evaluation System. It's for the selection of patients who will benefit from the company's neuromodulation implant to treat chronic overactive bladder or bowel incontinence.

Medtronic moves $9.8B to U.S. thanks to Covidien inversion deal, making more M&A likely

Now-Ireland's Medtronic said in a filing with the SEC that it is paying $500 million in U.S. income taxes on $9.8 billion in cash and investments that it is moving to the country from overseas subsidiaries. The move sets the stage for more M&A activity. After all, the U.S. is the capital of med tech innovation (if not manufacturing).

Medtronic launches smartphone app enabling diabetics to remotely monitor their condition

Medtronic just launched a smartphone app enabling diabetes patients on its MiniMed continuous glucose monitor to view critical data remotely via their smartphone.

Medtronic to buy stent retriever cover startup Lazarus Effect for $100M

Medtronic will buy stent retriever cover maker Lazarus Effect for $100 million in cash. The medical device giant expects to use the startup's novel nitinol mesh cover product, the Lazarus Cover, in conjunction with its own Solitaire stent retriever platform. Earlier this month, Medtronic rolled out a more effective catheter delivery system for Solitaire.

Upstart Veran wins $30M+ for lung cancer biopsy device, just as Medtronic starts trial on its own

Veran Medical Technologies has won $30.6 million in venture financing to back its early lung cancer diagnostic and therapeutic device. The news comes just as industry giant Medtronic has launched a post-market, observational trial of its own early lung cancer diagnostic system.

Medtronic launches improved delivery catheter for its stroke-fighting Solitaire stent

Medtronic launched the Arc support catheter, enabling faster delivery of the Solitaire Stent retriever to treat ischemic stroke patients by physically removing the clot and restoring blood flow in the brain's arteries.

Medtronic scores grant from Israel to launch digital med tech incubator

Medtronic snagged a grant from the Israeli government to launch a digital medicine incubator in the country, expanding its international footprint and joining other tech companies to nurture promising startups in the field.

NEA hires former Medtronic EVP Stephen Oesterle

Global venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates has hired Dr. Stephen Oesterle as one of its partners from Medtronic, where he was executive vice president.

Medtronic's Ishrak says Covidien integration on track to meet cost savings of up to $350M

Medtronic CEO Omar Ishrak said the company is on track to meet its goal of achieving $300 million to to $350 million in saves from its acquisition of Covidien, during the company's Q1 FY 2016 earnings call.

Novocure files for up to $300M IPO on strength of first-line glioblastoma device

Novocure has filed for an IPO to raise up to $300 million on the strength of a potential FDA approval for its Optune device in combination with chemotherapy for patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma.