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Omnibus bill would restore FDA user fees; AdvaMed, MDMA applaud

Following the release of the federal government's fiscal year 2014 omnibus appropriations legislation on Monday, medical device industry professionals lauded the government's decision to restore user fees that were lost in 2013 due to the sequester.

AdvaMed, MDMA commend user fee relief as congressional budget vote approaches

As an 11th-hour budget deal shapes up for votes in the House and Senate this week, AdvaMed president and CEO Stephen J. Ubl lauded parts of the agreement that call for relief of the FDA user fee sequestration.

In the device tax battle, one industry group didn't devote more lobbying cash

AdvaMed has steadily ramped up its lobbying spending as part of the push to repeal the 2.3% medical device tax. But spending on lobbying by the Medical Device Manufacturers Association, which represents a lot of smaller device companies, has remained small and constant since early 2009, Roll Call reported.

Industry coughs up $97M in first medical device tax payment

Medical device coffers are $97 million lighter this week, as the industry just paid its first semi-monthly tax bill, trade groups said.

Industry groups urge Congress to delay device tax

Now that the IRS has unveiled its final rule on the medical device tax, some in the industry say there's not enough time for devicemakers to get their compliance ducks in a row before the 2.3% charge takes effect Jan. 1.

Hatch, FDA officials address MDMA

Washington, D.C.-- A bevy of medical device execs gathered in the nation's capital last week for the annual meeting of the Medical Device Manufacturers Association to hear hot topics affecting the

Study: Ecstacy may be useful in PTSD therapy

Researchers believe they have found the next step in PTSD therapy: MDMA--commonly known as ecstacy--usage in therapeutic environments. In a recent Phase II study published in Journal of