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Latest Headlines

Lundbeck bags Novo exec Schultz to engineer a much-needed turnaround

Mystery solved: Novo Nordisk heir apparent Kåre Schultz didn't just up and leave the Danish drugmaker. He left for the top job at crosstown colleague Lundbeck, vacant since that CEO stepped down in disgrace in November.

Jeremy Levin's back, building a rare-disease biotech with failed drugs

Former Teva CEO Jeremy Levin has taken the pilot's seat at a stealth biotech devoted to rare brain diseases and is piloting a course straight into the industry spotlight.

Lundbeck pulls the plug on its fast-tracked stroke drug

Lundbeck is giving up on its efforts to develop desmoteplase as a treatment for stroke, as disappointing data have made it unclear just how to proceed.

Lundbeck strikes positive note with NICE nod for alcoholism med Selincro

Here's some good news for Lundbeck in an otherwise bleak week: The U.K.'s cost watchdog has endorsed its alcohol-dependence treatment, Selincro.

Lundbeck CEO booted for ethics breach after a biotech's 'gift' comes to light

Last year Lundbeck CEO Ulf Wiinberg got a "gift" of some shares in a biotech called Stratified Medical, a London-based company that bills itself as a partner that can help drug developers more efficiently develop new therapies. And after the gift arrived, Lundbeck invested 19 million Danish krone--a little more than $3 million--into the company.

Lundbeck CEO exits in disgrace, endangering key new launches

You breach your company's code of conduct, you're out of the CEO's chair--at least, if you're Lundbeck CEO Ulf Wiinberg. The Danish drugmaker's chief is packing his bags after failing to follow procedures on stock ownership.

NICE likes Lundbeck's alcohol-addiction drug Selincro

Lundbeck has gotten a recommendation from the U.K. cost watchdog for its alcohol-addiction drug Selincro. It is estimated that there are about 600,000 potential users in the U.K. A final decision is slated for fall.

Lundbeck makes $658M bid for Chelsea, gaining once-rejected dizziness drug Northera

One day after announcing a drop in quarterly sales and profits, Danish drugmaker Lundbeck said it will pick up Chelsea Therapeutics for cash and contingent value rights in a deal worth up to $658 million.

Lundbeck is buying Chelsea for $658M, with a just-in-case clause

After months of speculation and Wall Street tremulance, Chelsea Therapeutics finally got its buyout deal: Lundbeck has agreed to pick up the biotech for as much as $658 million, provided its banner drug can come through on the sales front.

Despite pomp and circumstance, 2014's looking short on blockbusters

Biopharma's long-heralded return to R&D ROI may come up short this year, according to EvaluatePharma, and the next class of approved drugs features fewer blockbusters in waiting than in any of the previous four years.