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Latest Headlines

Report: Novartis reorganization quietly claims 3,000 jobs in just 4 months

Unlike every other Big Pharma company in the world, Novartis tends to prefer to communicate rather selectively when it chops a facility here or winnows out its ranks over there in its global structure.

AstraZeneca adds 550 jobs to the chopping block as profits shrivel

AstraZeneca is cutting an additional 550 jobs from its ranks, bringing the total to 5,600 in an expanded restructuring designed, in part, to give it more money for deals.

Now it's New York: Novartis eyes another 500-plus job cuts with plant shutdown

Novartis apparently has job cuts on its January to-do list. After announcing a 500-job shuffle in Switzerland yesterday, the drugmaker now confirms that it will shutter a New York plant that employs 525 people.

Merck is cutting 150 in its Saphris sales team after selling the drug to Forest for $240M

Merck early in December agreed to sell the rights to its antipsychotic drug Saphris to Forest Laboratories for $240 million. The move not only gave it a small cash boost, but it turns out it also will help it put another 150 jobs on the restructuring pyre as it looks to shed 8,500 workers and $2.5 billion in costs.

Organogenesis slashes its R&D staff as Medicare preps a big price cut

The regenerative medicine company Organogenesis is slashing jobs as part of its company-wide reorganization in the face of Medicare's decision to cut what it's paying for its wound-healing medicine Apligraf. 

300 Novartis workers to be sacked when Alcon plant closes next year

Workers at the plant in Mississauga, Ontario, got the news that layoffs will begin in May and operations will wind down by the end of next year.

Pfizer whacking 150 jobs in closure of Irish packaging plant

The past few weeks have seen a spate of pharma manufacturing cuts, with Actavis, Merck and Pfizer all whacking jobs. And Pfizer has continued its busy end to 2013 by revealing it is to close a packaging plant in Ireland, laying off 150 workers in the process.

UPDATED: Eisai brings ax down on U.S. R&D op, chops 130 staffers worldwide

Eisai announced late last week that it is bringing the ax down on its R&D facility in Andover, MA, and other research centers around the globe as it chops 130 staffers out of its operations.

Dendreon to lay off more staff as Provenge disappoints. Again

In the latest round of layoffs, Dendron plans to save $125 million in operating expenses by cutting its headcount by 15%. Around 150 full-time employees are set to lose their jobs over the next nine months as Dendreon cuts its R&D and marketing budgets in a bid to achieve profitability.

UPDATED: Shire slashes R&D ops, refocuses pipeline as it restructures in Europe, U.S.

Shire is prepping a plan to cut back on its sizable research operations in Basingstoke, U.K.--another setback for the country's research industry with Novartis axing more than 500 staffers and consultants in Horsham following major blows from AstraZeneca and Pfizer.