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Latest Headlines

Teva's long-delayed MS contender runs into yet another setback

Teva Pharmaceutical's quixotic efforts to develop a next-generation multiple sclerosis therapy hit another snag as safety issues forced the company to limit dosing in a pair of ongoing trials designed to support approval.

Teva tries laquinimod in Huntington's after repeated MS woes

Teva Pharmaceutical is rolling its troubled CNS drug laquinimod into a mid-stage study in Huntington's disease, looking to expand the potential of a treatment marked by clinical and regulatory setbacks.

Teva keeps the faith after another rebuke for Copaxone's heir

Teva's $4-billion-a-year multiple sclerosis treatment Copaxone is slated to lose patent protection next year, and the Israeli drugmaker is struggling to move the needle on its planned replacement, enduring another rejection from European reviewers.

Teva stands by its MS pill after yet another setback

European regulators recommended against Teva Pharmaceutical's laquinimod, marring the Isreali company's odds of crossing the finish line with its once-promising multiple sclerosis treatment, a drug it hopes can dull the blow of the soon-to-go-generic Copaxone.

CHMP recommendation adds to Teva's financial turmoil

Regulators in Europe refused to give a favorable review to laquinimod, a potential successor treatment to Teva's multiple sclerosis drug Copaxone, which faces generic competition in May.

Teva touts fresh PhIII evidence of oral MS drug's potential

Teva and its multiple sclerosis partner Active Biotech rolled out some new top-line Phase III data on their troubled program for the oral multiple sclerosis drug laquinimod--still Teva's best shot at protecting the $4 billion franchise built up for Copaxone.

Teva looks set for a new round of M&A deals

Don't be too surprised if Teva starts to make fresh headlines on the M&A side of the business. CEO Shlomo Yanai is telling reporters the company is acutely aware of just how badly it needs to

Teva's oral MS drug trips (again) in blockbuster Ph3 development race

Teva's late-stage oral MS drug laquinimod flunked the second of three Phase III studies, the latest in a series of disappointments. Company officials say they can explain why the treatment failed to

Teva's oral MS drug data disappoints the analysts

With a multibillion-dollar market at stake, Teva shares were dented yesterday afternoon after word spread that its oral MS drug laquinimod cut relapses at a lower rate than standard injectable

Teva's laquinimod for MS gets fast tracked

Israel-based Teva Pharmaceutical announced today that the FDA has granted the Fast Track designation to laquinimod, its investigational treatment for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS).