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Latest Headlines

Kleiner Perkins backs Rapid Micro Biosystems in $25M round for microbial detection in quality control

Startup Rapid Micro Biosystems has raised a $25 million Series C round to support its commercial efforts to protect pharmaceutical and personal-care products and medical devices from microbial contamination.

Surgical lighting player Invuity files to raise up to $69M in IPO

Invuity is counting on the fact that open surgeries, in which a sizable incision is made and the operation is illuminated only from above, are on their way out. Instead, the company is targeting the growing number of surgical procedures that may not be endoscopic or minimally invasive--but are a bit of a hybrid, open surgeries with smaller incisions and traditional medical instruments.

Kleiner Perkins' Auxogyn gets $34M to better identify an IVF embryo's odds

Last June, Auxogyn's Eeva System was the first to be cleared by FDA to aid in IVF embryo selection in combination with traditional morphology. Now the startup has raised $34.3 million, out of a planned $41 million, financing round to start commercializing this test, according to an SEC filing.

Kleiner Perkins-backed Invuity hauls in $20M for surgical lighting tools

Minimally invasive surgery is here to stay as patients enjoy briefer recovery times--and payers benefit from lower associated costs. But as the incisions get smaller, visualization gets tougher. That's where surgical photonics company Invuity steps in.

Amgen vet reveals stealth startup Flexus backed by $38M from Kleiner Perkins, Celgene

After shunning public attention for more than a year, cancer immunotherapy startup Flexus Biosciences is ready for the limelight now that it is headed toward the clinic, has banked its first two venture rounds totaling $38 million and boasts impressive management, board and advisory rosters.

Kleiner Perkins backs Kinsa smartphone plug-in thermometer in $9.6M financing

Kinsa made its smartphone plug-in thermometer, the first cleared by FDA, available at several major consumer retailers including Apple and Amazon earlier this month. Now, in a move that's inverse to the usual order of events for med tech startups, the company has raised a $9.6 million Series A.

UPDATED: Pursuing Alzheimer's, iPierian grabs $30M and spins off orphan drug biotech

After taking the helm and pointing South San Francisco-based iPierian in a new direction, CEO Nancy Stagliano today unveiled a $30 million venture round designed to get her crew into the clinic with a lead antibody program, while a separate project is being spun out into a new biotech that she will also direct.

Amgen and Kleiner Perkins team up on biotech spinoff Atara

In the latest biotech business formed around a major drugmaker's assets, Atara Biotherapeutics has emerged with early-stage drug candidates against cancer and other serious diseases from biopharma behemoth Amgen.

Elcelyx busts out of stealth mode as it hunts obesity, diabetes pacts

San Diego-based Elcelyx Therapeutics is jumping out of stealth mode today with news that it has picked up an extended venture round, bringing its total venture backing to $20 million as the fledgling biotech pursues a new formulation of metformin as well as a dietary supplement.

Fledgling Foundation Medicine scores a coup with Novartis R&D pact

This morning the biotech--which is backed by Google Ventures, Third Rock and Kleiner Perkins--announced that Novartis is expanding on their pact with plans to use the test to properly match patients to most of their Phase I and Phase II cancer trials over the next three years.