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Latest Headlines

Amgen vet reveals stealth startup Flexus backed by $38M from Kleiner Perkins, Celgene

After shunning public attention for more than a year, cancer immunotherapy startup Flexus Biosciences is ready for the limelight now that it is headed toward the clinic, has banked its first two venture rounds totaling $38 million and boasts impressive management, board and advisory rosters.

Kleiner Perkins backs Kinsa smartphone plug-in thermometer in $9.6M financing

Kinsa made its smartphone plug-in thermometer, the first cleared by FDA, available at several major consumer retailers including Apple and Amazon earlier this month. Now, in a move that's inverse to the usual order of events for med tech startups, the company has raised a $9.6 million Series A.

UPDATED: Pursuing Alzheimer's, iPierian grabs $30M and spins off orphan drug biotech

After taking the helm and pointing South San Francisco-based iPierian in a new direction, CEO Nancy Stagliano today unveiled a $30 million venture round designed to get her crew into the clinic with a lead antibody program, while a separate project is being spun out into a new biotech that she will also direct.

Amgen and Kleiner Perkins team up on biotech spinoff Atara

In the latest biotech business formed around a major drugmaker's assets, Atara Biotherapeutics has emerged with early-stage drug candidates against cancer and other serious diseases from biopharma behemoth Amgen.

Elcelyx busts out of stealth mode as it hunts obesity, diabetes pacts

San Diego-based Elcelyx Therapeutics is jumping out of stealth mode today with news that it has picked up an extended venture round, bringing its total venture backing to $20 million as the fledgling biotech pursues a new formulation of metformin as well as a dietary supplement.

Fledgling Foundation Medicine scores a coup with Novartis R&D pact

This morning the biotech--which is backed by Google Ventures, Third Rock and Kleiner Perkins--announced that Novartis is expanding on their pact with plans to use the test to properly match patients to most of their Phase I and Phase II cancer trials over the next three years.

Kleiner Perkins to back early-stage biotechs with $525M fund

Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers has closed the books on a new $525 million fund. And a chunk of that treasure is earmarked for early-stage life science companies.

Google, Kleiner Perkins boost sequencing startup's A round to $33.5M

A pair of high-profile venture investors has joined forces to finance a startup sequencing outfit that has some ambitious near-term marketing plans to start selling a test that can help match cancer

Report: KPCB starts investing in Chinese biotechs

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers' Chinese arm has reportedly struck a deal to invest $15 million in a biotech company located in the eastern region of the country. Quoting sources, Reuters said

Biotech companies scramble as swine flu spreads

You can expect to see a considerable amount of scrambling among vaccine makers as swine flu grabs headlines and raises fears of a global pandemic. The Chicago Tribune reported Monday morning that