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Latest Headlines

J&J pumps more cash into California startup with eye-imaging test for Alzheimer's

Johnson & Johnson sees big things ahead for California's NeuroVision, so it's expanding its partnership with the company. The move gives NeuroVision a boost as it looks to grab a bigger piece of the market for its Alzheimer's eye-imaging diagnostic.

FDA vote sets stage for J&J and Pfizer battle over Remicade's $6.5B in sales

Pfizer's biosimilar of blockbuster Remicade looks to be headed to the U.S. market this year after getting very favorable treatment from an FDA advisory committee. Most importantly, Inflectra was recommended for all indications, a key to the drug maxing out its sales potential, as it goes head-to-head with Johnson & Johnson's Remicade, a drug that brought in more than $6.5 billion in the U.S. last year.

FDA panel backs Pfizer and Celltrion's Remicade biosimilar over J&J's objections

A group of independent FDA advisers voted in favor of OK'ing Pfizer and Celltrion's take on the blockbuster inflammation treatment Remicade for all of the reference drug's approved indications, unswayed by protests from Johnson & Johnson.

J&J partners with San Diego startup Cue to develop portable HIV viral load Dx

Johnson & Johnson has partnered with Cue to develop a portable, inexpensive and internet-enabled HIV viral load test that would enable physicians in poor countries to more easily determine if a particular drug regimen is effective or not.

J&J chief shells out $9M for Manhattan condo

Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky and his wife have a new Manhattan pad. The Gorskys laid out $9 million--more than the asking price--for a condo on Riverside Drive.

Blockbuster new launches coming from Intercept, Gilead and Merck: Reuters

The pharma industry heralded 11 new blockbusters in 2015, an act that's tough to follow. But while 2016 may not see quite that many, it's still on track to ring in 7 new therapies that have a shot at cracking the billion-dollar sales mark, a new analysis says.

ViaCyte acquires J&J IP to further its quest to treat diabetes using implanted pancreatic cells

ViaCyte, the developer of an implant for the delivery of insulin-producing cells that could someday functionally cure Type 1 diabetes, has acquired the exclusive rights to intellectual property possessed by Johnson & Johnson's Janssen BetaLogics drug R&D unit.

UPDATED: J&J goes all in with ViaCyte, hands over BetaLogics assets in hunt for diabetes cure

Back in the summer of 2014, J&J sunk $20 million into San Diego-based ViaCyte, picking up an option to acquire its lead therapy for Type 1 diabetes just as it was headed into human testing for the first time. But now, instead of buying it out, the pharma giant is handing over its in-house rival BetaLogics in New Jersey, merging the two operations and their accumulated intellectual property into a single, clinical-stage operation that will take a stab at developing a stem cell cure for diabetes.

Can fast-growing Eliquis overtake J&J's Xarelto? Bristol's execs think so

Eliquis, a new-age anticoagulant that once dragged well behind analysts' expectations, has rocketed to the top of Bristol-Myers Squibb's sales charts. And company execs don't expect it to stop there.

Merck, J&J, Pfizer consider joining Zika vaccine race

While the early entrants to the race for a Zika vaccine have been on the smaller side--think Hawaii Biotech, NewLink Genetics and Inovio Pharmaceuticals--the big guns are now joining in. Just one day after Sanofi announced a firm plan to develop a vaccine for the mosquito-borne disease, a parade of Big Pharmas has joined GlaxoSmithKline in "evaluating their technologies" for the potential of developing a Zika vaccine.