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Latest Headlines

Jeremy Levin's back, building a rare-disease biotech with failed drugs

Former Teva CEO Jeremy Levin has taken the pilot's seat at a stealth biotech devoted to rare brain diseases and is piloting a course straight into the industry spotlight.

Cue more drama in Teva's boardroom as its CEO announcement nears

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries appears to be on the verge of naming a replacement for former helmsman Jeremy Levin, but the  Financial Times  reports that shareholders are also pressing for a boardroom change-up that could end with a new occupant for the chairman's seat.

Spurned by Teva, checkpoint immunotherapy combo looks promising in PhII

Back in January, Jeremy Levin--then riding high as CEO of Teva--didn't think much of the company's program for an immune checkpoint receptor drug dubbed CT-011, or pidilizumab. Now Levin is out, and those checkpoint receptor drugs have emerged as one of the hottest R&D arenas in the industry.

What would a Teva buyout mean for its R&D operation?

Teva may not have actually planted a "for sale" sign on its front yard, but now that CEO Jeremy Levin has left the scene of many accidents some top analysts are offering to advertise it as a takeover candidate.

Ex-Teva chief Jeremy Levin to MBA grads: Anyone have a job for me?

What do you do when you're a stranger in a new land, and suddenly out of work? If you're Jeremy Levin, you speak at Tel Aviv University's MBA commencement ceremony--and remind the audience that you're open to job offers.

Will Teva find a partner to save it from itself?

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has no CEO. Its stock price stinks, and in 6 months it could face generic competition for the drug that generates 20% of its revenues. It may be time for something dramatic, like a multibillion-dollar tie-up with another drugmaker that can save it from itself--a company like Actavis or Mylan.

Teva's ex-CEO reportedly forced polygraph tests on board to plug media leaks

The dust hasn't settled after ex-CEO Jeremy Levin's quick-and-dirty departure from Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. In fact, the dust just keeps getting stirred up as more details emerge about the company's inner workings. Meanwhile, the company is trying to get the wagon train moving again by asking the U.S. Supreme Court to block generic versions of its top-selling multiple sclerosis drug, Copaxone.

Who wants to step into Teva's CEO hot seat?

In the aftermath of Teva CEO Jeremy Levin's departure announcement yesterday, media reports offer a few puzzle pieces that combine into one picture: Who in the world will the generics giant find to take on the job?

Teva CEO Jeremy Levin steps down amid board squabble

So much for denials. Monday, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and CEO Jeremy Levin said he wasn't weighing a resignation. Today, the Israel-based company announced his imminent departure. Levin's exit comes in the wake of last week's layoffs announcement--and, so the story goes, amid a behind-the-scenes dust-up between Teva's board and management team.

Teva denies CEO weighing an exit over board's meddling

Clearly Israel is full of chatter about Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and its latest round of cost-cutting plans. The latest, according to an Israeli television report: CEO Jeremy Levin is considering making an exit. It's not the first such suggestion; During the company's second-quarter earnings call, Goldman Sachs analyst Jami Rubin wondered aloud about the board's support--or lack thereof--for Levin.