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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Venter hires Google machine learning expert to build Translate for genomics

Venter has gone to Mountain View to make his latest hire, nabbing Franz Och to build a Google Translate for genomics.

NIH gives Venter's genomics institute $25M to decode infectious disease

NIH has signed on to give the J. Craig Venter Institute $25 million over 5 years to study infectious diseases including influenza and malaria, working to spotlight new treatments.

Venter nabs AstraZeneca's R&D IT chief for Human Longevity

Having outlined the ambitious plans for his latest venture in March, J. Craig Venter has begun to flesh out the team and capabilities Human Longevity will need to fulfill his vision.

Google adds UCSF geneticist to Calico's roster

In the months since details of Google's Calico last leaked into the public domain, the creation of a new J. Craig Venter company has further increased interest in anti-aging. And while Calico has been out of the headlines, it has continued to build out its anti-aging dream team, with a UCSF geneticist the latest to join.

Scripps shares genetic sequences of healthy elderly to boost Alzheimer's and cancer research

The use of genomics to understand aging has become a high-profile field in recent months, with J. Craig Venter's Human Longevity and Google's Calico both researching the topic. Now Scripps has given the rest of the sector a new resource--whole genome sequences of 454 healthy elderly people.

Illumina backs Venter's plan to create world's largest human genome sequencing center

The company J. Craig Venter founded in 1998 to challenge the Human Genome Project ran a data center with 70 terabytes of storage. Venter's latest scheme--creating the world's largest sequencing center--will fill that in less than one week.

J. Craig Venter raises $70M for a gene-sequencing and therapeutic startup

J. Craig Venter, the aggressively confident gene sequencing and synthetic biology pioneer, is co-founding a new diagnostic and therapeutic startup focused on aging-related diseases. The company, dubbed Human Longevity Inc., rolls out of the starting gate with $70 million in initial investor funding.

Sequencing pioneer Venter raises $70M to fund a new biotech to combat aging

Watch out, Google. Genome pioneer Craig Venter, well known for elbowing his way to the front of a scientific race, is launching a new company that will tackle the multitude of diseases that affect aging.

CLC bio capitalizes on surge in DNA sequencing

CLC bio wants the world to know that business is good, but the world might be more interested in why its business has taken off. The Danish provider of bioinformatics software touts today that its software sales shot up 30% in 2012 with an equal jump in its number of employees.

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After I last wrote about Twitter 's impact on biotech, a few FierceBiotech readers responded with skepticism. They weren't so sure that engaging on a microblogging site was a good use of their...