Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

India moves partially on bar codes for exported drugs by July

India drug authorities plan to impose bar-code rules on single cartons of exported drugs beginning July 1, but have deferred requiring the tags on individual bottles or vials of the products.

India pushes biotech support through new government agency

India plans to establish a new agency, the Biopharma Industry Incubator, to support healthcare startups in researching and developing new drugs as part of the nation's push to find treatments for its major diseases.

India's Mankind sees local pharma acquisitions putting it on par with local heavyweights

India's Mankind Pharmaceuticals intends to take on the nation's giant drugmakers by spending more than $80 million acquiring local pharmas in niche markets, its managing director said in an interview. It also seeks licensing deals with multinationals, he said.

Counterfeit drugs ex-U.S. see four Asian nations atop the list

Take the United States out of the mix and the Asia nations of China, India, Pakistan and Japan were the four nations in the world with the most counterfeit drugs in 2013. That means, according to an expert, that the continent's residents are at a greater risk.

India plans medical device industrial parks as part of 'Make in India' campaign

India is planning to open its first medical device industrial park in Gujarat, the state whose strong economic performance propelled Narendra Modi, its former chief minister, to the prime ministership. Discussions are under way for a second park in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

India's Glenmark said to be poised for turnaround in U.S. sales fortunes

India's Glenmark Pharmaceuticals began this new fiscal year with an outlook of a turnaround in its U.S. fortunes that experienced a slowdown in the just-ended FY 2015. The days-old $25 million settlement of U.S. Medicaid fraud allegations did not figure in the analysts' estimates of company prospects.

Head of Indian pricing authority pushed out after price hikes

The head of India's National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority was removed from the job just a week after his agency allowed the prices of 509 essential drugs to increase by 3.8%. But Chairman Injeta Srinivas' removal more likely was the result of complaints from the pharma and devices industries, which objected to recent moves he made that cost them money.

Asian device market set to leap to $15B in 2017

A survey of the top 100 makers of medical devices in Asia indicates the industry will reach the $15 billion mark in 2017, a huge leap from a market of just $2 billion in 2012.

Second-quarter pharma market outlooks for pan-Asia mixed, India promising

The 2015 second quarter bodes well for India, Taiwan, Malaysia and others, while Australia, Kuwait and Iran are not looking as healthy, according to the latest forecasts covering 11 countries of Asia and the Pacific region.

India's Mankind sees 15th product plant online this year

MannKind Pharma expects to have its 15th production plant operational by the end of the year, this one dedicated to making active pharmaceutical ingredients for the India market.