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Latest Headlines

GSK's CEO says it's 'difficult to understand how company is doing'

GlaxoSmithKline's CEO Andrew Witty, who has been accused by major investors of "not doing a very good job" and is in the crosshairs of hedge funds, said in a recent interview in India that it is "difficult to understand how the company is doing because so much has changed."

India's Sun Pharmaceutical meets Feb. 1 deadline for U.S. imatinib launch

Mumbai-based Sun Pharmaceutical Industries met an in-house deadline of Feb. 1 to launch sales of generic Gleevec/Glivec (imatinib) in the U.S. that included a savings card program to cut the co-payment out-of-pocket costs for the cancer treatment with certain pharmacies.

FDA hands Wockhardt and Ipca more disappointing news

It has been another tough week for some of India's troubled drugmakers. Wockhardt, which has two plants banned by the FDA, saw its hopes stymied for getting export approval for a different facility that it had hoped could help it recoup some of its lost U.S. revenues. And India's Ipca Laboratories, which has three plants on the import alert list, said Monday it has now gotten a warning letter for the facilities.

India's patent office nixes Takeda diabetes application

The patent office in India has slapped down an application from Tokyo-based Takeda Pharmaceutical for its single-dose Type 2 diabetes treatment dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP-4) inhibitor.

Novartis expects India's Sun to meet February U.S. generic Gleevec launch

Switzerland-based Novartis sees Mumbai-based Sun Pharmaceutical Industries meeting its February target start date for sales of generic Gleevec/Glivec (imatinib), putting the Indian drugmaker in the spotlight on the deadline.

India's Supreme Court allows Cipla move in Roche patent case

The Supreme Court of India will allow a scientist to join the patent case involving Indian drug giant Cipla which had earlier been found to have violated the Roche patent on its Tarceva (erlotinib) cancer drug.

India's drugs for domestic use fall short in quality tests, task force says

Medicines produced in India for domestic consumption are failing quality tests performed by a government task force set up to investigate poor manufacturing practices.

India gets kudos for TB testing regime

A recent study in The Lancet showed that India is outperforming other so-called high-burden countries in offering the cheapest access to the World Health Organization-approved Xpert MTB/RIF screening for TB.

New IP rules in EU could cut Indian pharma shipments

Changes in intellectual property (IP) rules in the European Union have Indian drugmakers worried because the new regulations empower EU countries like Belgium to impound Indian-made drugs that are transshipped via the EU to developing countries in Latin America and Africa, according to a report by the Economic Times.

India and France committed to restart trade talks stalled on GVK row

The governments of India and France have agreed to make up for lost time and said this week they remain committed to restarting free trade negotiations between New Delhi and the European Union that have been stalled for the past three years.