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Latest Headlines

Illumina stock tanks after profit warning

Illumina issued a profit warning due to poor sales of its NextSeq Series Desktop Sequencer as well as weakness in Europe and Japan, sending its stock tumbling 10% for the day. The company expects earnings per share to fall below consensus expectations, consistent with a 3% revenue shortfall.

Illumina readies paid-for BaseSpace tiers for large organizations

Illumina has detailed how it intends to start generating income from its cloud app platform BaseSpace. The plan includes the creation of two paid-for packages that bundle together assorted features, some of which are targeted specifically at larger organizations.

Illumina expands in China with cancer Dx deal

Illumina is joining forces with China's Amoy Diagnostics to create next-generation sequencing cancer tests for the Chinese clinical market, expanding its footprint in the country while strengthening its commitment to developing innovative technology for the disease.

Illumina launches solid tumor sequencing panel aimed at Big Pharma researchers

Ilumina kicked off commercialization of its next-generation solid tumor sequencing panel to help researchers identify 15 commonly mutated genes in samples.

Illumina and Sloan Kettering join forces for liquid biopsy research

As diagnostics companies zero in on a fast-growing liquid biopsy field, Illumina is teaming up with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to study circulating tumor DNA for cancer treatment.

Illumina, Sloan Kettering partner to develop circulating tumor DNA diagnostics

Memorial Sloan Kettering and Illumina have partnered to do research to better understand the biology of circulating tumor DNA. The NYC-based cancer center and the genomics giant expect to develop new cancer diagnostic and monitoring strategies based upon that work.

Illumina makes moves in China with Burning Rock cancer Dx deal

Illumina is joining forces with China's Burning Rock to create cancer diagnostics geared toward the Chinese market, combining its sequencing prowess with Burning Rock's research know-how to increase its footprint in the country.

Illumina teams with VCs to place $100M bet on consumer genomics

Having played a major role in making consumer genomics feasible, Illumina is now looking to shape how the nascent sector develops. The company has teamed up with big-name VCs to create Helix, a deep-pocketed startup that is one part massive next-generation sequencing operation, one part app store for genomics.

Illumina, Mayo Clinic, LabCorp form cooperative venture to sell genetic insights to consumers

Genetic data has already proven its clinical benefits, but still has a ways to go when it comes to consumerization, as evidenced by the demise of 23andMe's saliva-based Personal Genome Test at the hands of the FDA.

Illumina, LabCorp, Mayo Clinic, Warburg assemble to back latest consumer genomics entrant: Helix

Not to be outdone by other big-picture diagnostics players raising huge chunks of cash for consumer genomics--industry bellwether Illumina has weighed in with its own gambit. It's creating a joint venture dubbed Helix that's starting out with more than $100 million from investors including Warburg Pincus, the Mayo Clinic and Sutter Hill Ventures.