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Latest Headlines

Idenix takes to Europe with its Gilead patent spat

Idenix Pharmaceuticals believes Gilead Sciences violated its patents with the blockbuster-selling hepatitis C pill Sovaldi, and the biotech has expanded its legal fight into Europe, angling for a cut of sales.

Gilead's hot-selling Sovaldi draws more patent attacks

Gilead Sciences' Sovaldi portends to be a megablockbuster by the end of this year--and possibly the biggest-selling drug of all time a few years down the road. So it's no surprise that others are after a piece of the drug--Idenix Pharmaceuticals included.

Idenix fires off a shot in patent battle over Gilead's sofosbuvir

As Gilead nears a virtually guaranteed FDA approval for the hepatitis C-fighting sofosbuvir, the biotech is facing intellectual property challenges from a bevy of competitors, most recently Idenix Pharmaceuticals, which claims the blockbuster hopeful infringes on its patents.

UPDATED: Idenix plunges after FDA throws up a roadblock for lead hep C 'nuc'

The FDA has hit the biotech group with a request for more preclinical data on IDX20963, which is Idenix's lead drug in the closely watched class of uridine nucleotide prodrugs, sometimes called "nucs" for short.

Icahn ally added to Forest board

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Left on FDA 'hold,' Idenix hangs up on once-hot hep C drugs

For the past few weeks Idenix has been methodically moving away from its once-promising hepatitis C drugs, put on clinical hold by a jittery FDA in the wake of a catastrophic trial of a somewhat similar drug at Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Idenix moves out of FDA limbo with J&J hep C combo pact

Anxious to shake itself out of a painfully long regulatory limbo that has ensnared its top drug prospect, Idenix this morning announced that it has struck a deal to collaborate with J&J on another new hep C cocktail.

Idenix looks to Plan B as FDA hep C review plods on

Idenix, which had hoped to answer regulators' safety queries about IDX184 and IDX19368 and move on, says the FDA wants more time to study the drugs and the implications of the BMS-094 disaster before it makes a decision on the future of the two drugs.

Idenix plunges after FDA puts another hep C treatment on hold

Idenix already faces a partial clinical hold on its top hepatitis C program. Now the FDA has stepped in to add a clinical hold on its preclinical therapy IDX19368, another nucleotide polymerase inhibitor, or "nuc," in the pipeline.

UPDATED: Idenix craters as clinical hold spurs tox jitters for hot hep C drug

Idenix Pharmaceuticals went into free fall this morning, tumbling about 40% on the news that its nucleotide polymerase inhibitor IDX184 was put on partial clinical hold as the FDA studies whether a recent cardiac event that may well have spiked a similar treatment at Bristol-Myers Squibb raises similar toxicity issues for Idenix.