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Latest Headlines

Activist Denner gets his way with a board seat at troubled Ariad

Alex Denner has taken a seat with the board of directors at Ariad--a position he demanded back in October when the company's only approved drug, Iclusig, ran into major safety concerns.

With Iclusig back to market, would Eli Lilly bid for Ariad? Would anyone?

Ariad Pharmaceuticals just relaunched its leukemia drug Iclusig last week, but already buyout rumors are buzzing. The U.S.-based biotech saw its shares jump this morning on reports that Eli Lilly is leading a field of several potential buyers.

Ariad returns Iclusig to market but with more restrictions and smaller patient pool

Ariad Pharmaceuticals is back in the market with Iclusig. The FDA is allowing the Cambridge, MA-based company to again sell the leukemia drug, but with tighter restrictions to face. Ariad has a lot of ground to regain to return to its former glory.

EMA taking second hard look at Ariad's Iclusig

The European Medicines Agency has decided to look again at the clotting risks of Ariad Pharmaceuticals' troubled cancer drug Iclusig.

Ariad's Iclusig further restricted by EMA

Drugmaker Ariad left its European operations untouched last month when it took an ax to its workforce after the FDA requested it pull its leukemia drug Iclusig off the market in the U.S. Regulators in the EU did not make the same request, but they also did not ignore the clotting risks that raised a red flag at the FDA.