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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: GlaxoSmithKline loses its first big PhIII bet on heart drug darapladib

The pharma giant reported that the drug did not produce a statistically significant improvement in the risk of heart attack, stroke or death, though it added that "greater reductions" for some of the secondary endpoints warranted careful follow-up review as investigators considered its potential.

Ex-HGS director draws fire for plugging anthrax drug at Pentagon

According to a Los Angeles Times investigation, former Navy Secretary Richard Danzig talked up HGS' anthrax drug raxibacumab to his government contacts--at a time when he also served on the company's board.

Pentagon adviser quietly pocketed biotech's cash while promoting its interests

The Los Angeles Times points a bright spotlight on the role former Navy Secretary and biowarfare consultant Richard Danzig played in successfully urging the U.S. government to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in a new therapy developed by Human Genome Sciences to counter a possible anthrax attack.

Pharma M&A takes nosedive, except in China

Mergers and acquisitions by drug companies were off big time this year, down by 35% overall. Much of what is getting invested is targeted at emerging markets, with China not surprisingly leading the list.

GSK spotlights PhIII heart, cancer blockbuster hopefuls in late-stage R&D review

GlaxoSmithKline rolled out its late-stage drug prospects today, putting its best foot forward with a pair of drugs aimed at cancer and heart disease. Altogether the pharma giant says it expects to post pivotal data on 14 therapeutics in the next two years.

10 top drug launch disasters

FiercePharma thought it would be instructive to look at the worst pratfalls. Of course, every train wreck will attract its share of gawkers. The point we'd like to make here is that every example below also offers some clear pointers on how to avoid a similar snafu. Hopefully, this report will also provide a bit of context for those peak sales estimates we're treated to on an ongoing basis. Each one of the drugs you see below once inspired great dreams of big money. Each of them failed to deliver. And a number of the top blockbuster prospects now in the pipeline will wind up on future lists of drug launch disasters. Read the report >>

The top M&A dealmakers in biopharma

Step back and look at the trend in biopharma M&A and you'll find less money than you would have seen on the table last year. Read the report on this year's dealmaking climate >>

Buyout Buzz: The most frequently cited takeover targets in biotech

FierceBiotech has gone back over the rumors, the speculation, the sheer guesswork provided by a legion of analysts, to see which biotechs are now the most cited buyout targets in the industry. What follows is a short list of the most-rumored takeover targets >>

Teva, HGS beef up layoff plans in U.S.

More jobs are trickling away in the drug business. Two companies slated new rounds of layoffs today, both of them spurred by common pharma-industry events.

The ax drops on hundreds at Human Genome Sciences in wake of GSK buyout

The new masters of Human Genome Sciences are continuing to chop away employees. Just weeks after letting state officials in Maryland know that it was laying off 114 workers, or roughly 10% of its workforce, the word now is that 97 more will follow with a third round of cuts coming ahead of Christmas and more slated for 2013.