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Latest Headlines

SRI's in-house CRO inks a $49M deal with NIH

The CRO unit of nonprofit researcher SRI International has paired up with NIH's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, signing a $49 million contract to handle preclinical work on potential treatments for HIV.

'Fossil' virus discovery could lead to HIV immunotherapy

A new discovery of an ancestral fossil virus buried within everyone's genomes might provide the key to eradicating HIV.

A missile, a plane crash and a profound loss to AIDS research

Unfortunately, the biggest news coming out of the 20th International AIDS Conference involves the researchers who were killed on their way there.

AIDS 2014: Norway's Bionor produces possible biomarker to predict HIV vaccine effectiveness

Norway's Bionor Pharma and U.K. scientists claim they've identified a biomarker in some patients that may be connected with an improved response to a therapeutic HIV vaccine now under development.

Vaginal ring achieves localized, sustained release of anti-HIV drugs

A novel intravaginal ring to prevent HIV showed promise in pig-tailed macaque monkeys, demonstrating the benefits of sustained and controlled topical drug delivery over oral intake. 

J&J teams with Glaxo's ViiV on an HIV combo treatment

Johnson & Johnson has signed a deal with ViiV Healthcare, the HIV-focused venture majority-owned by GlaxoSmithKline, to spin their two antivirals into a single tablet, potentially sparing patients from some harsh side effects associated with current therapies and challenging Gilead Sciences' dominance in the field.

Kymab, Gates Foundation to team up for malaria, HIV antigen discovery

Thanks to a Series B round from Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, U.K. biotech Kymab has some new vaccine research plans.

Another chink in HIV's armor may point the way to a vaccine

A weakness in the HIV virus exposed by scientists at the Scripps Research Institute and the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative may provide clues for designing a much-sought HIV vaccine.

Gilead's Sovaldi turns in outsize Q1 sales

Powered by sales that averaged more than $25 million a day for brand-new hep C drug Sovaldi, Gilead Sciences beat all expectations, with quarterly sales that nearly doubled and profits that tripled in the first quarter.

Daktari Diagnostics brings in $13M to fund its HIV test

Daktari Diagnostics achieved another milestone in its quest to raise $30 million for its groundbreaking HIV test. The company recently brought in $13 million in equity, moving it closer to realizing its original fundraising goal, the Boston Business Journal reports.