Hepatitis C

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

New research points to a key driver--and drug target--behind hepatitis infections

While studying the effects and causes of hepatitis C infection of the liver, a group of scientists at Aarhus University in Denmark say they discovered a key driver of the disease that could prove particularly effective in helping patients with hard-to-treat cases.

Animal model that mimics hep B, C in humans could spur new treatments

To help design next-generation drugs for hepatitis B and C, researchers have developed a humanized mouse model that contains human liver cells and mimics the immune system of people.

Key hep C protein revealed, paving the way for a vaccine

In a discovery that could put a vaccine for hepatitis C closer in sight, researchers have been able to characterize a key protein in the virus that aids infection in the liver.

New hep C model could pave way for novel treatments

Scientists may soon be able to find novel ways to treat hepatitis C using a new laboratory model developed by researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York.

Sorrento Therapeutics, Israeli university team up to fight hep C

Sorrento Therapeutics and researchers at Israel's Ben-Gurion University of the Negev are partnering to develop anti-hepatitis C antibodies.

New agent stops replication of hep C virus in preclinical studies

A group of Korean researchers has developed a new approach to treat the liver-affecting hepatitis C infection that involves stopping the virus from replicating.

Duke's in-house CRO snags trial deal for RNAi drug

More and more research universities are jumping into the CRO game, using their existing labs and expertise to launch moneymaking operations. Duke University's clinical research unit has signed on with Benitec Biopharma to run Phase I/II trials for an RNAi hepatitis C drug.

Scientists grow liver stem cells in mice

Researchers from the Oregon Health & Science University Doernbecher Children's Hospital claim to have developed a method to grow liver stem cells in culture, a breakthrough that could be significant in advancing hepatitis research, transplantation for cirrhosis and other chronic liver conditions, and for conducting drug-metabolism and toxicity studies.

Troubled BioCryst dumps HCV preclinical program

Troubled BioCryst Pharmaceuticals has ditched its preclinical hepatitis C virus program of BCX5191 and its backup compounds after results of a low-dose chimpanzee study, according to documents filed with the SEC.

Bristol-Myers hep C trial hits the skids on safety concerns

The company stopped dosing in a Phase IIb trial after one patient developed heart failure.