Hepatitis C

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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Gilead's hep C juggernaut continues in Q4, even as U.S. sales fall

Gilead Sciences and its hep C juggernaut continued to churn out big sales in Q4 and bested Wall Street expectations, but it took strong growth overseas to overcome an expected falloff of sales of Sovaldi and Harvoni in the U.S.

Merck sets $54K list price for hep C combo as it preps for battle with Gilead, AbbVie

Industry watchers have long been speculating on how Merck would take on heavyweights Gilead and AbbVie when it priced its new hep C regimen. And now, they have their answer: Undercut them. Big-time.

Merck goes toe-to-toe with Gilead's hep C goliath, flags discount with blockbuster OK

Two years after Gilead Sciences triggered a market quake with a groundbreaking approval for Sovaldi, Merck is making a late entrance into the hep C market.

Gilead faces legal action in Massachusetts if it doesn't cut hep C prices: State AG

Gilead Sciences is facing more hepatitis C pushback from state officials. The Massachusetts attorney general is warning that it will take legal action against the California-based company if it doesn't cut the price of its blockbuster antivirals Sovaldi and Harvoni.

Australia bets $1B on pricey hep C drugs in broad effort to eradicate the disease

Good news for Gilead Sciences and Bristol-Myers Squibb: Australia's federal government wants to eliminate hepatitis C in the country. And it plans to shell out $1 billion on the drugmakers' meds to do that.

Sitting on $25B, Gilead goes shopping for high-dollar buyouts

Gilead Sciences, raking in revenue with its revolutionary hepatitis C franchise, is intensifying its M&A rhetoric as it sits on a huge pile of cash, scouting for deals in the $10 billion range.

Post-AASLD, Gilead's lead in hep C looks as solid as ever: Analysts

Analysts handicapping the competitors in hepatitis C, current and future, say Gilead Sciences is likely to continue dominating the field, though it might cede some niches to newer rivals.

Merck's third-place hep C combo posts quick cures in new study data

Merck, angling to compete with dominant hepatitis C treatments from Gilead Sciences and AbbVie, posted positive results for its in-development combos as it works to demonstrate their ability to cure more patients faster.

Gilead faces Q3 slowdown for hep C superstars

Gilead Sciences has been dealing with a slowdown for its hep C superstars Sovaldi and combo drug Harvoni, with prescriptions for the drugs petering off during the second quarter and analysts expecting things to continue in the same vein. As predicted the company's lagging momentum continued into Q3, with sales growth for its hep C treatments staying flat despite beats on earnings.

FDA warning on AbbVie hep C drugs gut kicks its share price

AbbVie's Viekira Pak and Technivie were developed to cure hepatitis C and so avoid the complications like liver transplants that can result from the disease. But the FDA said today that in some cases the two drugs may cause serious liver injury, even death, mostly in patients with underlying advanced liver disease, and told AbbVie it would have to add a warning to its labels.