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Latest Headlines

Life science unit graduates from Google X to become standalone business

Google has just swept aside any lingering questions about how seriously it is taking its life sciences operation. Now, instead of operating as part of the experimental Google X, life sciences is to sit alongside the legacy internet search unit as one of a clutch of businesses operating under the Alphabet umbrella.

Life sciences slated as first Alphabet spin-out after Google reorg

Life sciences will be a keystone to the newly re-conceptualized Google. Under the umbrella of the parent company Alphabet, life sciences will be the first standalone company to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the search-engine focused Google.

Devicemakers clamor for Google Glass with product updates on the horizon

Google has faced some stumbling blocks with Google Glass since launching the product in 2013, deciding earlier this year to stop selling the device to consumers in light of waning sales. But the company is set to meet increased demand for the product among devicemakers as a new version of Glass hits the market.    

Google hooks up with DexCom to apply miniaturized electronics to diabetes monitoring

Google has made yet another move to apply its IT wizardry to life sciences. The latest deal, which became public one day after Google unveiled its life science-motivated restructuring, sees the tech giant hook up with DexCom to marry its miniaturized electronics to diabetes sensors.

FDA adds alerts to Android drug shortages app

The latest version alerts users when new information about the shortage of a drug is available.

What does Google's corporate shuffle mean for its biotech ambitions?

Google is divvying up its composite parts, becoming, depending on whom you ask, the new Berkshire Hathaway, the next General Electric or something heretofore never seen. But the move could have mixed implications for Google's nascent but growing life sciences empire.

UPDATED: Google joins forces with Dexcom for miniaturized glucose monitor

Google has been inking deals to expand its reach in patient monitoring and wearable health. In its latest foray the company will work with Dexcom to develop cheaper, miniaturized glucose monitors, combining its electronics platform with Dexcom's sensor technology to improve care for patients.

J&J, Google surgical robotics joint venture earns Indian regulators' approval

The Competition Commission of India said in a Tweet that it has approved the formation of Johnson & Johnson's joint venture with Google in surgical robotics.

FDA turns to Google for help spotting adverse events

The FDA has approached Google for help identifying adverse drug events in search data. The regulator hooked up with Google to access the insights of Evgeniy Gabrilovich, an engineer at the tech behemoth who has published papers on the subject of mining search queries for adverse event reports.

FDA may tap Google to beef up drug-safety monitoring

The FDA is planning to team up with tech giant Google to identify previously unknown side effects of meds.