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How will Google's forays into genomics play out?

Google's expansions into life sciences and genomics have raised two big, as yet unanswered, questions--how will they affect the industry, and what do they mean for the company? This week, the  San Francisco Chronicle looked into possible answers to both questions.

Google-backed genomics alliance details data interoperability plans

The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health was thrust into the headlines last week when Google joined its ranks. This week it met for the first time to discuss its goals. Development of an open-source public application programming interface (API) for sequencing reads and genetic variants is high on the agenda.

Google joins genomics alliance as it prepares industry-focused cloud services

Over the past year Google has increasingly extended its tendrils into healthcare, with the creation of Calico and development of smart contact lenses following on from earlier investments in DNAnexus and 23andMe.

Apple joins Google on FDA med tech regulators' meeting calendar

A year ago, it was quite the thing in Silicon Valley to invest in a coffee shop. Now, interest appears to be shifting in favor of medical devices. Executives from Apple Inc. met with FDA regulators in December. The meeting, noted in the FDA's public calendar, came just a few days before members of an elite Google R&D team held a tete a tete with some of the same regulatory officials.

Google eyes diabetes with a glucose-monitoring contact lens

Following weeks of speculation about what a Google R&D team might have been doing at a December FDA meeting, the search-engine giant has confirmed that it's inventing a contact lens to help diabetes patients monitor their glucose levels. Google is now testing the lens, which measures glucose in tears with a miniaturized sensor and wireless chip.

Early Google investor picks Maverix from the genome data analysis crowd

Standing out in the congested genomics data analysis market is a challenge for startups, with each month bringing news of rivals' fresh investments and products. Maverix Biomics is one of many companies trying to gain a foothold in the sector, but it can boast a differentiating factor--one of Google's original angel investors has contributed funding.

Google could be working on a 'Glass'-like contact lens

Bloomberg's Brian Womack and Anna Edney read through the FDA's public calendar and found something interesting: A December meeting put eye device and mobile app regulators in the same room with members of a secretive Google R&D team.

Google Flu Trends was wildly inaccurate last year. Here's how researchers improved it

Last winter, Google Flu Trends was shown to be a work in progress when it wildly overestimated incidence of influenza, but its algorithm-based model has considerable potential.

Google begins hiring team to lead Calico

It is now two months since Google sparked speculation by unveiling vague but ambitious plans to enter the biotech sector. Details of what the spinout, called Calico, will do are still limited, but we now know some of the people who will run the show. Unsurprisingly, Google has poached some heavy hitters.

UPDATED: Google's Calico poaches Roche guru Barron to steer R&D

Google made major waves two months ago when it landed former Genentech CEO Art Levinson to run its still-murky Calico offshoot. Now the biotech elder statesman is reuniting with his former chief medical officer, convincing Hal Barron to leave his post at Roche and oversee R&D at the nascent company.