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Latest Headlines

Sanofi forges $663M MS antibody development pact with Glenmark

India's biotech companies are beginning to make their mark in the antibody development field. Sanofi has inked a $663 million development pact with India's Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, proffering $50

Glenmark touts (much needed) $345M pain pact with Sanofi

Shares of India's Glenmark jumped on the news that Sanofi-Aventis has signed up for a $345 million partnership to develop new pain drugs. Glenmark gets $20 million upfront in the deal, along with

Forbes profiles Glenmark's R&D moves

Forbes profiles Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, the Indian drugmaker that's making the switch from a generics company to an innovative drug developer. CEO Glenn Saldanha has a strategy: develop new drugs

Glenmark, Forest Labs COPD therapy fails mid-stage trial

In another setback for its plans to develop a range of new drugs, India's Glenmark Pharmaceuticals and its U.S. partner Forest Laboratories revealed that their experimental COPD drug failed a Phase

Lilly, Glenmark suspend osteoporosis trial

In a release, India's Glenmark Pharmaceuticals said its partner Eli Lilly has suspended further clinical development for GRC 6211 for osteoarthritis pain. The companies didn't give an explanation for

India eyes R&D opportunities

India-based drugs have made a name for themselves as makers of copycat drugs. When a developer's lucrative drug goes off-patent, Indian companies are guaranteed to swoop in and make a less-expensive