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Latest Headlines

Novartis, India face off over patent-protection future there

It is the moment of truth for Novartis ($NVS) and its widely watched patent fight with India. But while this case is over its groundbreaking cancer treatment Gleevec, it will define what kind of intellectual property world drug companies will face there going forward.

New cancer drugs debut faster in U.S., but they cost more

The good news for U.S. cancer patients: New drugs get to market faster in the U.S. than they do elsewhere. The bad news: There's a higher price tag for that speed.

Top 10 Best-selling Cancer Drugs in 2011

Oncology drugs are hot. Scratch beneath the surface of most major drugmakers, and you'll find a host of them in various stages of development.

U.S. questions India's IP regime after Nexavar move

Is intellectual property safe in India? That's the question drugmakers--and now U.S. officials--are asking.

Kedem adapting Novartis' Gleevec to dissolve under tongue

Kedem Pharmaceuticals has begun developing a child-friendly version of Novartis' ($NVS) cancer blockbuster Gleevec that would have a decent taste and dissolve under the tongue. In announcing...

Will Gleevec, Sprycel researchers get a call from Stockholm?

Scientists who worked on the targeted leukemia drugs Gleevec and Sprycel may be in line for the Nobel Prize this year, a prize-prediction expert says. The drugs, sold by Novartis ($NVS) and

Novartis, Roche blockbusters shine at ASCO

While experimental therapies grab a major chunk of the attention at the annual ASCO meeting, existing drugs have their share of new data to crow about. Here's a roundup of the biggest news coming out

Re-engineered Gleevec eliminates a side effect

Scientists have re-engineered the blockbuster oncology drug Gleevec to eliminate a serious cardiovascular risk, taking a new approach that could offer a significant improvement for "hundreds" of

Novartis wins FDA approval for Tasigna

Novartis has won FDA approval of Tasigna for patients with chronic myeloid leukemia who are resistant to Gleevec. Patients

China surges past India in drug discovery work

China's willingness to get aggressive in protecting biopharma's intellectual property is being credited with its surge past India in the total number of completed and ongoing clinical trials. An