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Latest Headlines

Biogen's future: Bigger bets on CNS, smaller name

Biogen's latest evolution is more than just a nominal shift, according to its CEO, as the Big Biotech lops the Idec from its name and hopes to parlay its success in multiple sclerosis into some tough-to-treat diseases.

15 Highest-Paid Biopharma CEOs of 2013

Long dominated by global behemoths like Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer, this executive-pay ranking now includes almost as many biotechs as pharma companies.

Biogen Idec hits its first price hurdle for Tecfidera in the EU

Biogen Idec's hot-selling multiple sclerosis drug Tecfidera has to win reimbursement in individual European countries where governments have gotten stingy about parting with healthcare dollars. A decision Thursday by U.K. price watchdog NICE is an indication of the cost hurdles to be faced.

Note from Biogen architects: Private offices, no. Pop-up rooms, yes.

Take a look at Biogen Idec's new Kendall Square buildings, complete with treadmill desks, "huddle rooms" for impromptu meetings, and no private offices. 

Does Roche need a biotech brain in the chairman's office?

It looks like Roche's top two picks for the role of chairman--both execs from the multinational field--have taken a pass on the job. And that has left at least a couple of prominent biotech vets in the mix of possible candidates.

Fast-growing Biogen Idec bursts the seams at new Cambridge HQ

When George Scangos took the helm at Biogen Idec, he left little doubt that he couldn't much stand the company's gleaming new headquarters in Weston, MA, the brainchild of ex-CEO Jim Mullen. R&D in Cambridge was where it was at, and that's where he spent the bulk of his time.

UPDATED: Biogen CEO Scangos scores 19% pay hike during stellar 2012

Biogen Idec CEO George Scangos took home one of the largest pay packages in the biotech industry in 2012--a total of $13.45 million in 2012, a 19% jump in pay from his $11.33 million pay package the previous year, the Weston, MA-based company reported Monday in a proxy statement.

Teva tries to slow arrival of Biogen's competing MS blockbuster

With $4 billion of Copaxone revenue on the line, it's no surprise to find Teva waving a red flag to the FDA as Biogen Idec gets down to the regulatory wire with its closely watched competitor BG-12. The big generics company filed a petition with the FDA demanding an advisory committee meeting to inspect what it has called potentially "serious safety risks."

Biogen asks FDA for approval of first drug in potential $1B franchise

Biogen Idec has shipped its application to the FDA for approval of an experimental therapy for the rare bleeding disorder hemophilia B. And the long-lasting clotting factor is the most advanced candidate in what could become the Weston, MA-based biotech giant's next blockbuster business.

Biogen CEO Scangos hit with first big setback as ALS drug fails PhIII

Biogen Idec CEO George Scangos gambled big that dexpramipexole could buck the long losing streak of experimental drugs for ALS and go on to score positive results in Phase III. But today the company had to acknowledge that Scangos--in his first big setback after taking the helm--lost that wager.