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Latest Headlines

Biogen Idec inks $30M genetic R&D alliance with Columbia University

Some of the cash will go toward creating a sequencing and analysis center at Columbia to support collaborative research.

Harvard-MIT collaboration adds Lego-like genome analysis tool

The availability of open-source tools has broadened the reach of genome sequence analysis, but the need for programming skills has slowed uptake among biologists. GenePattern is aimed at these biologists, and a recent update has further tailored the tool to non-programmers.

Multiple myeloma data project could drive innovation

Later this year, the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation and genomic software startup GenoSpace plan to launch a massive data project, called the CoMMpass study, which will follow 1,000 multiple myeloma patients over a 5-year period to help scientists understand the molecular changes underpinning the progression of the disease.

Genome Inst. at Washington U. axes 54 jobs

One of the key genomic research centers in the country is downsizing because of a reduction in federal funding. The Genome Institute at Washington University in St. Louis has pink slipped 54...

NIH pumping $23M into data center and computer analyses of genomes

An eight-year-old project to uncover the mysteries of the human genome got a big shot in the arm this week. An NIH advisory council approved some $153 million in new funding for four programs to

Oxford Nanopore rounds up $28M to back sequencing tech

The U.K.'s Oxford Nanopore has raised $28 million in new venture funds to fuel its quest to create a far cheaper template for full human genome sequencing. The company is one of several groups racing

IT to drive biotech headway

Data processing and bioinformatics may become bottlenecks as the need grows to assemble and compare large numbers of genomes, says Xconomist in a list of five transformational biotechnologies of the

Researchers address data policies for developing country GWAS

A new policy paper is highlighting ways to tailor open access and data sharing policies to fit the goals of research done in developing countries. In a paper appearing online in PLoS Medicine,

Pacific Biosciences gains $100M for sequencing tech

Pacific Biosciences has gained $100 million in venture funds to accelerate its work on new technology that will permit gene sequencing virtually on demand. And the company's CEO is telling investors

Biotech M&A has yet to reach its peak

In analyzing the PowerShares Dynamic Biotech & Genome ETF, a fund made up of primarily small- and medium-cap biotech stocks, Seeking Alpha notes that Big Pharma's appetite for biotech