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Latest Headlines

With Big 5, Bayer aims for 8% annual pharma growth through 2016

The CEO of the German drugmaker is pinning some numbers on the medium term; the Big 5 will help Bayer aim for an average of 8% annual growth in its pharma unit through 2016, Marijn Dekkers said Wednesday.

Aiming for big growth in top 5 meds, Bayer will stake an extra $600M on marketing, R&D

Bayer knows what a good launch can do; with blood thinner Xarelto and eye drug Eylea, it's had a couple of the recent best. Thanks to that pair of hot-selling meds, the German pharma raised the sales forecast for its new products by €2 billion late last week--and it's raising its marketing budget along with it.

New drugs in hand, Bayer's pharma sales leap ahead

Blood thinner Xarelto and eye med Eylea pack a pretty good one-two-punch. Those new drugs helped Bayer's pharma sales climb 9.4% in 2013, and they're not stopping: They'll ultimately lead a group of 5 recently launched products to sales of €7.5 billion ($10.3 billion) or more, CEO Marijn Dekkers said Friday.

Regeneron CEO Schleifer joins the billionaire club, Forbes figures

Regeneron's hot-selling eye drug Eylea has done a lot in its short life, including post $1.4 billion in 2013 U.S. sales--and make the company's veteran CEO, Len Schleifer, into a billionaire.

Regeneron's Schleifer hits the $1B mark, but his biotech is just getting started

After 25 years at the helm of one of biotech's best-case scenarios, Regeneron CEO Leonard Schleifer has crossed the $1 billion threshold, according to Forbes, thanks largely to the company's blockbuster eye drug. And, with a stable of promising late-stage treatments waiting in the wings, the Tarrytown, NY, executive's most profitable work may still be ahead of him.

Busy Regeneron busts Eylea sales forecasts, re-ups with Sanofi

Yesterday, Regeneron CEO Len Schleifer announced that r ather than the $377 million expected by analysts, Regeneron will report about $400 million in U.S. sales for  macular degeneration treatment  Eylea in the fourth quarter, Bloomberg reports.

Regeneron, Bayer reach for the old Eylea magic with combo AMD deal

Partners Regeneron and Bayer are hoping to piggy-back on their success with the wet age-related macular degeneration blockbuster Eylea, reuniting to develop a new drug that could become part of a combination therapy for the disease.

Bayer's hot-selling Eylea runs into a roadblock in its home market

Sales of Bayer's Eylea have taken off since the EU greenlighted the eye drug in late in 2012. But now, Germany's cost watchdog has thrown up a roadblock for the second time. Thursday, the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) said it was unable to assess whether Eylea provided an advantage over its rival, Novartis' Lucentis--an opinion that could hurt sales for Bayer on its home turf.

Regeneron will turn an abandoned Dell plant into a production facility and hire 300

Tarrytown, NY-based Regeneron, maker of the hot-selling vision treatment Eylea, says it will hire 300 people for a new plant in Limerick, Ireland, its first plant outside the U.S., once it finishes refurbishing an abandoned Dell computer facility there.

Bayer envisions bigger Eylea market with new EU use

Bayer has taken another step toward fulfilling blockbuster ambitions for its eye drug Eylea. The German drugmaker asked European regulators to approve the vision-loss treatment for patients with diabetic macular edema. With diabetes on the rise all over the world, the new indication could offer long-term growth for the already fast-rising drug.