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Latest Headlines

Industry: Tightening EU device regs will strangle business

After a headline-grabbing breast implant scandal rocked the continent, EU regulators are considering a more stringent approach to medical device regulation, a proposal industry leaders say would hamstring Europe's successful medical device sector.

Prosecutors want jail time, fine for disgraced PIP CEO

The long and colorful Poly Implant Prothèse saga is slowly drawing to a close, as prosecutors are asking for a four-year jail sentence and $128,000 fine for the CEO who presided over the sale of faulty breast implants to thousands of women.

EU faulty implant trial gets colorful amid patients' jeers

The Poly Implant Prothèse scandal left more than 400,00 women with toxic breast implants and sparked medical device regulatory reforms across the EU, and now 5 of the company's former execs are enduring boos and hisses from wronged patients as their trial gets under way in France.

Capsugel gets organic designation for European products

In a world in which drugmakers must meet a growing diversity of formulation demands, capsule manufacturer Capsugel has won an organic certification for a plant in France that is focused on Europe, considered the largest market for organic products.

Switzerland, home of Roche and Novartis, gets pass from EU API rule

Switzerland, home to such Big Pharma players as Roche and Novartis, has been given a pass from some of the reporting requirements of the European Union's new API rules meant to keep counterfeit drugs out.

U.K. wants CRO input on clinical trial reforms

The EU is looking to liberalize its clinical trial regulations to spur drug development in the Continent, and the U.K.'s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) wants to hear from CROs and drugmakers on the proposed reforms.

U.K. wants input on medical device regulation

After the continental fallout that ensued from Europe's faulty breast implant scandal, the EU is looking to tighten up its medical device regulations to avoid a repeat scandal.

EU crackdown could scare off CMOs

Starting in January, all active pharmaceutical ingredients shipped into the EU must meet good manufacturing practice standards, and by July, they'll also need documented certification from their countries of origin.

EU pushes forward with get-tough API import rules

The European Union appears to be moving ahead with rules that next year active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) exported to EU countries must be certified by some authority in the country from which the originate.

EU blesses Watson's buyout of Actavis

Regulators in the EU gave their blessing Friday to the $5.53 billion buyout of Swiss drugmaker Actavis by Watson Pharmaceuticals ($WPI), Reuters reports.