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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Baxter adds Gammagard to growing roster of PhIII Alzheimer's failures

The long and frustrating search for something--anything--that can treat Alzheimer's or blunt its symptoms ran into yet another Phase III roadblock this morning as Baxter International reported that its Phase III study of the immune-bolstering treatment Gammagard ended in failure.

Can a new Pfizer find success in its long-struggling R&D division?

With Pfizer's animal-health unit now being spun out after a major retooling that has included deep cuts on the R&D side of the business, the big question now is whether Pfizer has a sensible research strategy in place as it concentrates its full attention on drug development.

Another shot at treating Alzheimer's with Dimebon?

As recently as January, tests to use Medivation's Dimebon (latrepirdine) as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease were deemed to be an abject failure. But today, scientists at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and their international colleagues say they see a new round of promising mouse trials as giving the drug another chance because it seemed to generate stunning results by targeting the neurodegenerative condition at an earlier stage.

Who's next on Big Pharma's biotech shopping list?

Now that Amylin and Human Genome Sciences have dickered their way to a buyout deal, you can expect to see plenty of more rumors and insider stories about the next biotech companies likely to get an offer.

Pfizer writes off $725M Dimebon pact after final Phase III failure

The last flickering hope that Medivation's Dimebon could help Alzheimer's disease patients has just been extinguished. The biotech announced this morning that a 12-month study of the drug failed to

Medivation's Dimebon flunks Ph3 for Huntington's disease

Medivation's dwindling hopes for Dimebon just got even smaller. Once one of the most closely-watched late-stage drugs in neurology, which earned a $225 million upfront deal from Pfizer, Medivation (

Compound enhances neuron production

Researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center are touting a drug they say can help the brain grow new cells--and their study may lead to ways to improve experimental

Medivation axes 20% of staff in follow-up to trial failure

Just four weeks after Medivation announced that its closely-watched late-stage trial for dimebon failed to demonstrate that it could do any better than a placebo in combating the effects of

Medivation's Dimebon fails Phase III for Alzheimer's, shares collapse

Medivation announced this morning that its pivotal, late-stage trial for the Alzheimer's drug Dimebon failed to hit its co-primary and secondary endpoints, setting the stage for a savage and

Medivation's Dimebon turns in promising results for Huntington's

The drug Dimebon, which has shown some significant promise for Alzheimer's, has now registered positive results in a trial designed to test the therapy's ability to improve thinking, learning and