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Latest Headlines

High price of failure drives drug development costs into the stratosphere

The debate over the true cost of developing new drugs has created a virtual cottage industry of analysis in recent years. Critics maintain that the pharma industry has wildly overblown costs to

Research scientist debunks a new estimate on R&D expense

Research scientist Derek Lowe has taken to his blog over at In The Pipeline to have some fun with a recent estimate that new drugs are being developed for the bargain-basement rate of $55 million.

Fact or Fantasy? Investigators estimate new drug R&D at $55M

How much does it cost to bring a new drug to market? Tufts set out a few years ago to answer that question, and came back with $802 million in 2000, or roughly a billion dollars in today's

Study: Europeans beat Yanks at the R&D game

If you asked just about any biopharma exec on this side of the Atlantic if U.S. developers are more productive than their European colleagues, chances are you'd get a good laugh. Everybody knows that

Pfizer, Adolor ink pain drug deal

Continuing on its deal-making quest, Pfizer has signed an agreement with Exton, PA-based Adolor for ADL5859 and ADL5747. The two pain drugs

Sanofi buys into Acambis' West Nile vaccine program

Sanofi Pasteur is buying into Acambis' program for a novel West Nile vaccine.

Merck, GTx ink $477M deal

GTx has scored a rich deal for partnering with Merck on developing a new class of selective androgen receptor modulators for

GSK, Tolerx forge $760M development pact

Tolerx has scored a Big Pharma partner in its race to develop a monoclonal antibody (MAb) that may protect people from

Microbia, Forest ink $330M deal

Microbia is pocketing a $70 million up front payment from Forest Laboratories in exchange for a 50/50 U.S. development pact for linaclotide, an experimental therapy for irritable bowel syndrome and

Forest Labs dumps failed stroke drug program

Faced with the Phase III failure of Desmoteplase for stroke in June, Forest Laboratories has bailed on its