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Latest Headlines

Breakthrough? Not anymore says FDA as Bristol-Myers joins Merck in hep C's coach section

Merck's not the only big player in the hepatitis C competition to face losing bragging rights to the FDA's "breakthrough" drug designation for a late-stage program. It turns out that Bristol-Myers Squibb, another laggard in the race to hatch new therapies for the virus, also finds its daclatasvir on the FDA's chopping block.

Bristol-Myers' hep C combo wins Japanese OK, leading the pack

Bristol-Myers Squibb has become the first drugmaker to win regulatory approval for a combination hepatitis C treatment that doesn't require painful injections, picking up a Japanese nod for its all-oral cocktail.

EU smiles on a key cog in Bristol-Myers' hep C combo

European regulators are recommending approval for Bristol-Myers Squibb's daclatasvir, an hepatitis C-fighting antiviral that plays a key role in the company's planned combo treatment.

Bristol-Myers looks to rival Gilead for the key to conquering the hep C market

No matter how hard Bristol-Myers Squibb tried to shame Gilead into pursuing studies for a combination of its hep C drug daclatasvir and the newly approved Sovaldi (sofosbuvir), Gilead wouldn't budge.

Shunned Gilead/Bristol-Myers hep C combo may be too good for docs to ignore

Rival drug combination works to perfection for toughest hep C patient group, and some patients and doctors appear willing to consider taking matters into their own hands.

Bristol-Myers rebounds on hep C front with new Merck partnership

Like most of its new drug programs in recent years, Merck's work on new hepatitis C drugs has never quite paid off as hoped. Now it's taken its lead clinical-stage program for MK-5172 and tied up with Bristol-Myers Squibb to test a combo approach with daclatasvir.

UPDATED: Bristol-Myers finds silver (tax) lining after Hep C disaster

Bristol-Myers Squibb watched its coveted hepatitis C drug 094 go down the drain last year after discovering safety hazards in a midstage study. Yet the pharma giant ($BMY) managed to ease some of its financial pain from the failed program with a tax benefit that ended up lifting its fourth-quarter profits 8.6%, the Wall Street Journal 's Peter Loftus reported.

Gilead preps late-stage sprint on blockbuster hep C studies

It looks as if Gilead can't be shamed into a late-stage hepatitis C collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb after all.

Bristol CEO says Gilead holding out on hep C tie-up

Bristol-Myers Squibb isn't giving up on pushing Gilead Sciences to move ahead with further study of the two companies' oral drugs as a combo treatment for the hepatitis C virus.

Analysts pounce on positive Phase II data on hep C combo

Jefferies analyst Thomas Wei posted some positive results from an all-oral combo of Gilead's 7977 and Bristol-Myers Squibb's daclatasvir (BMS-52).