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Latest Headlines

Eli Lilly faces August trials in suits over Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms

A U.S. judge refused to toss out lawsuits claiming that Eli Lilly & Co. downplayed withdrawal symptoms associated with its blockbuster antidepressant Cymbalta. As Bloomberg reports, Lilly will now have to fight claims that it misled consumers about "brain zaps" and other side effects suffered by people trying to quit using the drug.

Eli Lilly continues downward spiral in Q3 as generics slam Cymbalta, Evista sales

Eli Lilly found itself standing at the bottom of a steep slope this year, beleaguered by slumping sales and patent losses for two of its bestselling drugs. The Indianapolis, IN-based company is continuing on its downward spiral, reporting a 16% dip in revenue due to exclusivity losses on anti-depressant Cymbalta and osteoporosis drug Evista.

Eli Lilly's Q2 profit sags on patent expirations but beats (low) expectations

Eli Lilly said 2014 would be an extraordinarily challenging year, and judging from its second-quarter earnings, that prediction wasn't wrong. Lilly's revenue dropped 17% to $4.9 billion in the second quarter, largely because the company lost its patent protection on two of its biggest blockbusters: the anti-depressant Cymbalta, which once brought in nearly $5 billion in sales annually, and osteoporosis drug Evista, previously a $1-billion-a-year hit.

Lilly surprises on revenue even as Cymbalta sinks

Eli Lilly's patent cliff has struck again, but some analysts found things weren't as bad as they expected when they surveyed the damage Thursday morning. Higher sales of other drugs offset much of the generic competition to newly off-patent Cymbalta, helping the pharma giant beat Wall Street's revenue forecasts by a long shot.

D-Day for Eli Lilly: Generic foes arrive for $5B antidepressant Cymbalta

Cymbalta is going down. The question for Eli Lilly is how fast and how far. Last evening, the FDA approved more than a half-dozen generic versions of Cymbalta, the antidepressant that's now Lilly's top-selling drug.

Ex-Lilly contract sales rep sues, claiming unpaid bonuses

Drugmakers see contract reps as an easy-come, easy-go approach to marketing. Hire up when times are busy and new drugs rolling; staff down when drugs go off patent or the cost-cutting police come calling. But contract reps have rights, too--and that's why a former Eli Lilly sales person is suing the company.

Lilly warns of 'challenging' bid for 2014 sales goal, thanks to yen, emerging markets

Meeting next year's minimum revenue goal of $20 billion will be "challenging," Eli Lilly says, and analysts are already speculating about "savage" cost cuts if R&D doesn't come through as Lilly hopes.

Eli Lilly's $15B battle for longer Alimta monopoly hits court today

Showdown day has come for Eli Lilly and Alimta. The company goes to court today to fight for 5 years of additional exclusivity on its top-selling lung cancer drug. If Lilly succeeds in defending a method-of-use patent, Alimta will be covered till 2022--and the Indianapolis-based drugmaker could reap $15 billion in additional sales.

Lilly earnings powered by price hikes and layoffs

Eli Lilly's second-quarter earnings are up, but the company hasn't done it through rolling out new products or expanding its market. Bracing for the patent loss of top-seller Cymbalta, Lilly has implemented cost-cutting measures, slashed jobs and upped prices on the blockbuster antidepressant to do what drugmakers often do at the end of a patent's life: pump it for sales while they can.

Lilly freezes salaries ahead of patent loss for Cymbalta

Eli Lilly's CEO John Lechleiter was out for a couple of months as he dealt with some heart issues. He recently returned and guess what he brought with him? More bad news for employees.