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Latest Headlines

Little Curis leaps on the immuno-oncology R&D bandwagon

The small, Lexington, MA-based biotech Curis is jumping onto the increasingly popular immuno-oncology bandwagon, handing over a chunk of its stock and promising more than $100 million in milestones to Bangalore-based Aurigene if they can successfully take a small molecule approach to the cancer field and advance a new program through preclinical and clinical development and on into the market. And it's getting a second targeted small molecule for cancer that is intended to hit IRAK4.

FDA lifts a partial hold on Curis cancer drug

Lexington, MA-based Curis says the FDA has lifted the partial clinical hold on CUDC-427, which was instituted after the death of a patient in a Phase I study of solid tumors and lymphoma.

FDA puts a clamp on Curis cancer drug program after patient dies of liver failure

A year after Curis agreed to pay Genentech $9.5 million upfront to license the early-stage cancer therapy recoded as CUDC-427 and borrowed $30 million to launch its own study, the FDA has clamped a partial clinical hold on the program following the death of one patient taking the drug. 

Curis snags $30M loan, grabs early-stage cancer drug from Genentech

And Curis immediately spent a big chunk of that to in-license an experimental cancer therapy from its colleagues at Genentech, flipping the usual order of deal-making as the little biotech paid the giant Roche subsidiary a small upfront to gain development rights.

4SC spotlights partnership talks after liver cancer combo extends survival

The German biotech 4SC AG says its experimental drug resminostat extended overall survival among advanced liver cancer patients by 8 months in Phase II when combined with Bayer's Nexavar.

Roche wins landmark approval for targeted cancer drug vismodegib

Roche ($RHHBY) and Genentech won a landmark approval for the cancer drug vismodegib today. After gaining significant efficacy data from a Phase II study on basal cell carcinoma, the drug giant not

4SC surges on positive midstage data for advanced liver cancer

Shares of Germany's 4SC ($VSC) surged 35% after investigators reported promising mid-stage data for the cancer drug resminostat, an HDAC inhibitor, in difficult-to-treat patients with advanced liver

Curis gets $4M for blood cancer therapy

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) has handed Lexington, MA-based Curis $4 million to support early development of two of the company's drugs for blood cancers. Curis' drug, CUDC-907, is an

Roche preps vismodegib app with "profound" efficacy data

Armed with positive data from a pivotal Phase II trial, Lexington, MA-based Curis is waiting for its partner Roche to begin its long-awaited pitch to gain FDA approval for a new treatment for

Roche preps vismodegib app after Ph2 skin cancer success

Roche and Genentech have posted a fresh set of promising mid-stage data on vismodegib, a cancer drug it's collaborating on with Lexington, MA-based Curis. In what investigators describe as a pivotal