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Latest Headlines

A behind-the-scenes look at Cards Against Biotechnology, Cubist's snarky 'last hurrah'

Earlier this year at the annual JP Morgan Healthcare conference--and about a month after the company announced that it would sell out to Merck for $8.4 billion--Cubist Pharmaceuticals started giving away decks of "Cards Against Biotechnology." A biotech-themed version of Cards Against Humanity, the game was a crowd-pleaser.

Merck dumps 120 Cubist researchers after its $9.5B merger

Merck has pulled the plug on Cubist Pharmaceuticals' early R&D operation, cutting 120 jobs in Massachusetts as it integrates its latest big acquisition.

The long, strange story of Cubist's Cards Against Biotechnology

The scoop behind Cubist Pharmaceuticals' Cards Against Biotechnology, a hard-to-explain favor from a surreal party.

Cubist scores another FDA nod on the eve of its $9.5B Merck merger

Cubist Pharmaceuticals picked up FDA approval for its latest antibiotic contender, a potential blockbuster whose promise helped bring Merck to the table with a $9.5 billion buyout offer.

Merck splashes into antibiotics with $9.5B Cubist deal

Merck is shelling out $9.5 billion for antibiotics specialist Cubist Pharmaceuticals, joining the wave of major drugmakers with a renewed interest in anti-infectives.

Cubist CEO Bonney hands over reins as new buyout rumors circulate

After 11 years at the helm of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, CEO Michael Bonney is stepping down and handing the reins to COO and President Robert Perez.

Cubist makes Euro landfall with a $400M purse for antibiotics R&D

The antibiotics-focused Cubist Pharmaceuticals has opened up shop in Europe with a Swiss international headquarters, part of its plan to spend $400 million on infectious disease R&D this year and spotlight new treatments for global scourges.

Antibiotics R&D to get critical lift by executive order, Obama advisory group

Antibiotics development is about to get a much-need boost with the release of new federal proposals aimed at curbing rising antimicrobial resistance infections caused by so-called superbugs.

Cubist exec: Challenges mount in antibiotics discovery

Big Pharma has largely exited the antibiotics arena in the past several years, contributing to the dearth of products in the global pipeline as rising antimicrobial resistance becomes a very real public health threat.

Cubist nears another big antibiotic approval as M&A rumors simmer

Lexington, MA's Cubist Pharmaceuticals is inching toward its second drug approval of the year, hoping to win European and U.S. clearance for a new anti-infective as analysts wonder whether the company is in line for a Big Pharma takeout.