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Latest Headlines

Copaxone, still growing, helps Teva pass Q3 estimates

Sales of Teva's multiple sclerosis drug, Copaxone, are still growing--at least for now. The Israeli company's top-seller, whose patent is currently the subject of a Supreme Court appeal, ticked up 5% to reach $1.1 billion in Q3 sales.

If Teva wanted a clear sign from Supreme Court on Copaxone, no such luck

Teva's been waiting a long time to get its Copaxone patent appeal before the Supreme Court. And now that the court has heard oral arguments, it seems to be divided on the issue.

Mylan, Momenta, Sandoz join assault on Teva's new-and-improved Copaxone

After trying nearly everything in its power to protect lead product Copaxone from early generic competition, Teva just received some news it least wants to hear: Copycats are going after its new, long-acting version of the drug, too.

Teva eyes 'hard switch' to hit Copaxone goals if the soft sell isn't enough

Teva's long-acting version of multiple sclerosis treatment Copaxone has surpassed most analysts' expectations. But as competition to the original looms, will Teva consider discontinuing off-patent Copaxone to push patients toward the protected version in a quest to maintain market share? The short answer: Yes, but not just yet.

Teva trots out genetics in new petition against Copaxone copies

Teva just won't give up on delaying generic Copaxone. Its latest tactic: filing a citizen petition with the FDA to once again push for full-scale, placebo-controlled clinical trials for all copies of its multiple sclerosis med.

UPDATED: In management reorg, Teva taps Actavis alum to helm new global generics unit

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries CEO Erez Vigodman has been a busy man. So busy, in fact, it seems the company's press releases barely keep up with him. Today's announcement: Vigodman has overhauled Teva's management structure, winnowing out 6 executive jobs and creating two worldwide divisions. And he recruited a pharma-industry vet to take the helm of one of them.

U.S. court bats away Teva's last-ditch pitch against Copaxone generics

Well, that's not going to work. Teva's latest move to try to fend off Copaxone copies, a lawsuit against the FDA, got tossed Wednesday by a federal judge in Washington just 10 days before the med's patent expiration date.

UPDATED: Teva's years of Copaxone brand-building pay off in new formula's launch

Teva has achieved the fastest market adoption of any MS therapy in the United States. That's no accident, John Hassler, VP of marketing for Teva's central nervous system division, told FiercePharmaMarketing. It's the result of more than 18 years of building brand loyalty--a job for which the company was recognized last week.

Desperate to ward off Copaxone copies, Teva sues FDA

Teva has already tried unsuccessfully to get the Supreme Court to hold off generics of its multiple sclerosis drug Copaxone while it waits to get its appeal heard. So now, the Israeli company is trying something new: suing the FDA to block copycats' approval.

Full steam ahead for Copaxone copies as SCOTUS denies Teva's bid for delay

Last week, generics makers asked the Supreme Court to let them launch their copies of Teva's Copaxone while it hears the Israeli company's appeal over the drug's patents. Now, they'll likely get that chance. Chief Justice John Roberts rejected Teva's bid to block competition until the court clash wraps, meaning generics could hit as soon as next month.