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Pharma brands need the human touch, and MS marketing offers some ideas

What's the best path forward for healthcare brands? It starts with making a difference and serving the people they're working to connect with, according to Digitas Health executive director Graham Mills--and that's something he says marketers in the multiple sclerosis space already do exceptionally well.

Teva scores European patent victory for long-acting Copaxone

After fighting a long battle over the IP shield on lead drug Copaxone, Teva is feeling the heat from generics makers over the patent on its new, long-acting version of the drug. Monday, though, it got some good news in Europe that'll keep knockoffs makers at bay--for now.

Analysts improve outlook for Teva's Copaxone as it shakes off Novartis competition

Teva did everything in its power to block generic copies of lead drug Copaxone from hitting the market. But now that one is here--Novartis' Glatopa--the Israeli drugmaker's giant is faring better than industry watchers expected.

Pharma's new patent worry by the numbers: No 'IP death squad' here, analyst says

With generics makers attacking Teva's next-generation Copaxone and hedge fund manager Kyle Bass waging war on a range of pharma patents, these days, the phrase " inter partes review"--or IPR--is flying around more than ever. But how much do pharma companies need to worry about these patent reviews affecting their IP protection?

U.S. patent office puts new Copaxone's IP shield under the lens

Teva's patents on Copaxone faced plenty of scrutiny before they were eventually upturned, paving the way for Sandoz's generic, Glatopa. Now, though, its IP protection on its new, long-acting version of the drug is under the microscope, too--and the Israeli drugmaker's prospects for hanging onto its patents don't look great.

Look out, Teva--Novartis' Copaxone generic is off to a speedy start

The launch for Glatopa, the new generic of Teva's Copaxone from Novartis' Sandoz, is still in the very early going. But so far, things look good--very good.

Novartis off to scorching start with Copaxone generic Glatopa

It's still very early going for Momenta and Sandoz' Glatopa, the generic of Teva's multiple sclerosis star Copaxone. But if the current trend continues, the newcomer could be following in the footsteps of some pretty impressive launches.

It's Teva vs. Momenta/Sandoz for Copaxone patients, with Mylan's version MIA

On Thursday, Momenta and Novartis' Sandoz launched their copy of Teva blockbuster Copaxone after a U.S. court nixed the multiple sclerosis drug's patent for the second time. Industry watchers largely expected the move, Bernstein's Ronny Gal wrote in a note to clients. The real question? When Mylan will enter the market with its own copy.

UPDATED: U.S. court nixes Teva's Copaxone patent--again

It's been a long legal road for Copaxone, and one that took yet another turn Thursday as the U.S. Court of Appeals struck down the drug's patent for the second time.

Mapi Pharma closes $10M Series A round after two scuttled IPOs

Mapi Pharma has closed a $10 million (€9 million) Series A round to finance mid-phase trials of its once-a-month version of Teva's blockbuster multiple sclerosis drug, Copaxone. The round follows two aborted attempts to raise cash in a Nasdaq IPO.