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Latest Headlines

10 trends in diagnostics

Diagnostics are not always perceived as being as exciting or glamorous as therapeutics, but this is a field that is growing and changing just as fast. The one thing that all of these have in common is innovative and exciting science and design, and the opportunity to make patients' lives better. Read the report >>

Special event: Improving the lousy odds on drug development

Next week at BIO, John Carroll will be moderating a discussion with a group of biotech and pharma experts who have thought long and hard about doing clinical development right, and how we can all change things for the better.

Study: Cancer trial participation less than 1%

As conventional wisdom dictates, in order to solve a problem, one must first define it. Low enrollment in cancer drug trials has been a problem for developers, but a new study shows just how dire the

The new thinking going into early-stage cancer studies

NEW YORK- The handbook prepared for this year's BIO CEO & Investor Conference in New York includes a chart on presenting companies' stock performance over the past year. In many cases, these

Merck will gamble big on late-stage prospects

When Merck unveiled some impressive financial results earlier this week, the pharma giant provided a customarily hazy look at the work being done to meld its pipeline with the newly acquired

Glaxo inks $330M pact for Apeiron lung drug

GlaxoSmithKline is willing to wager up to $330 million on an early-stage lung disease drug in Apeiron Biologics' pipeline. The Austrian biotech struck the deal on APN01, an enzyme biotherapeutic

Cordex exploring its strategic options

La Jolla, CA-based Cordex Pharma has invited in WBB Securities to help it take a look at its strategic alternatives. "We believe that we can best serve the interests of all our shareholders by

Garner crafts $30M Series A to lift Elevation Pharma

The high-profile biotech entrepreneur Cam Garner has crafted a tranched, $30 million Series A round for San Diego-based Elevation Pharmaceuticals. Canaan Partners, TPG Growth, Care Capital, and Mesa

GlobeImmune raises $17.5M as it heads toward Phase III

Louisville, CO-based GlobeImmune has hauled in a $17.5 million Series E round, which was led by Generali Financial Holding and BSI SA. This past year was a "difficult" one for the entire industry,

Regado garners $40M Series D for clotting tech

Regado Biosciences has pulled together a $40 million Series D round to push the development of a new technology designed to give doctors better control over blood clots. Edmond de Rothschild