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Latest Headlines

Sanofi bucks unit-sale trend with plan to unload $7B worth of older products

While other companies are hiving off large pieces of their operations to get fit and focused, Sanofi has decided to simply clean out its closet.

Sanofi seeks expansion in diagnostics space

Sanofi wants to expand into the diagnostics space, CEO Chris Viehbacher disclosed in a recent Bloomberg interview.

Sanofi chief among then-GSK execs named in DoJ off-label case

GlaxoSmithKline's $3 billion settlement opened up pages upon pages of Justice Department allegations. And some of those pages name names--well-known names.

Viehbacher up on Boston, emerging markets, down on corporate innovation

Sanofi ($SNY) CEO Chris Viehbacher (photo) managed to parlay one personal appearance into a half-dozen different headlines. Development strategies? Check. M&A interest? Check. Job creation?...

Sanofi's Viehbacher spotlights Big Pharma's new role creating biotechs

One of Chris Viehbacher 's favorite themes since he's taken the helm at Sanofi ($SNY) is the woefully low level of R&D productivity in the business and how that has to change. So it's no surprise

Sanofi CEO: Look out below, profits are falling

It wasn't Sanofi's fourth-quarter profits, which grew by 13%. Nor was it the 8.8% increase in sales for the period, or the 5.3% increase in 2011 sales, to €33.39 billion ($44.3...

Europe makes Sanofi chief thankful for emerging markets

Although Sanofi ($SNY) CEO Christopher Viehbacher (photo) sees a glimmer of light at the end of the long Eurozone tunnel, he's still glad the French drugmaker doesn't depend on Europe as much as it

Sanofi CEO: No more patent cliffs for me

Sanofi ($SNY) CEO Christopher Viehbacher's (photo) theme in a Reuters interview was value. As in, the drug industry has more than markets would suggest. To hear Viehbacher tell it, the drug industry

Sanofi looks to slow down on dealmaking

Don't look for Sanofi-Aventis to continue its dealmaking pace in the coming months. In fact, don't look for Sanofi-Aventis at all. It's Sanofi now, just Sanofi, and the French drugmaker will have its

Viehbacher: Emerging markets, yes, but U.S., too

All eyes were on Sanofi-Aventis ($SNY) chief Christopher Viehbacher (photo) and Genzyme ($GENZ) CEO Henri Termeer (photo) at J.P. Morgan's healthcare conference, looking for clues to the status of