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Latest Headlines

China researchers confirm human embryo gene-editing work, but gave up, Nature says

China researchers have confirmed widespread rumors circulating in the scientific community that they had performed landmark work using a gene-editing technique on human embryos--usually an ethical no-no. Regardless of the debate surrounding the work, they concluded that what they were attempting was not feasible.

China proposes patent law changes to toughen IP protection

China officials have proposed changes in the country's patent laws intended to take its intellectual-property protections beyond the U.N. standards and to a higher level. The State Intellectual Property Office said the emphasis now is on patent commercialization as well as protection.

Vietnam-made vaccines WHO-cleared for export

Vietnam has become the 39th nation cleared for global exports of the vaccines it makes, joining an increasingly crowded field of local champions to multinational heavyweights. The World Health Organization gave that clearance recently for a country that expects to be a leading producer within the next 20 to 30 years.

WuXi PharmaTech subsidiary gears up DNAnexus partnership to offer cloud genomics worldwide

Shanghai-based WuXi PharmaTech said its subsidiary WuXi NextCODE Genomics has joined with U.S.-based DNAnexus to offer a wider range of genomics services worldwide, including cloud-based services, according to a press release on Wednesday.

Drumbeat grows for better access to medicines, hospital reforms in China

A leading Chinese health official renewed a call for greater access to medicines and other treatments through a more competitive distribution system and reforms in the way hospitals operate.

Chinese API maker cited with second FDA warning letter

The FDA may be having difficulty getting inspectors stationed in China, but that has not stopped it from issuing warning letters to drug and ingredient makers there who have issues. The agency posted a second warning letter today for API maker Yunnan Hande Bio-Tech, which was previously cited in 2010.

China steps up decentralized drug industry regulation, market prices push

China authorities at the highest level are acting on legislation that would, among other things, decentralize drug industry regulation and free some price controls.

Australia's Brandon Capital stakes a claim as Asian biotech booster with A$200M fund

The buzz around biotech in Asia has centered on friends and family bootstrap operations in China, local investor support in Taiwan and onto more formal state-backed incubation efforts in Japan, South Korea and Singapore along with boutique venture capital firms and investment arms of multinationals such as Eli Lilly Ventures.

Novartis China head says R&D efforts to grow further with help from returnees

The head of the Novartis unit in China, Novartis Greater China, believes the company's research-and-development operations are ahead of most competition, giving it a leg up in meeting the demands of aging populations in China and emerging markets.

Animal testing hits China social media with clothesline cats

This may be why your mother told you never to air your dirty laundry in public: there's an uproar in Beijing over the bodies of six dead cats hanging on a clothesline outside Macro-Union Pharmaceutical.