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Latest Headlines

Celladon pulls the plug on R&D after a crushing gene therapy failure

Celladon is circling the drain, suspending all research tied to its failed gene therapy and again halving its payroll as management searches for a sale and flirts with liquidation.

Celladon halves its workforce to conserve cash after gene therapy meltdown

Reeling after the Phase IIb failure of its "breakthrough" gene therapy for heart failure, Celladon is slashing its budget and payroll, vowing to find a way forward that preserves value for its investors.

UPDATED: Celladon shares blasted as gene therapy for heart failure bombs in PhIIb

Celladon's lead program--as well as its stock price--crashed after the biotech announced Sunday evening that its heart therapy Mydicar failed the primary and secondary endpoints in a Phase IIb trial, losing out in a full lineup of efficacy tests.

UPDATED: Celladon's heart drug grabs 'breakthrough' status at FDA

San Diego-based Celladon has nabbed a "breakthrough" drug designation from the FDA for its heart failure drug Mydicar. The gene therapy uses a benign virus to insert the Serca2a gene into heart cells.

Biotech's breathless quarter of IPOs brings in $2.1B for R&D

Back in January, at the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, across hotel lobbies and crowded hallways and standing-room-only cafes, one could hardly escape talk about the biotech IPO boom.

Trio of IPO setbacks strike sour note at biotech's Wall Street party

In a fresh sign that the big biotech IPO wave that triggered a long lineup of dazzling debuts may have crested, two new California contenders have had to significantly scale down their expectations and a third has decided to bow out for now.

Celladon swings for $92M in up-charged IPO

2012 Fierce 15 member Celladon has boosted its IPO goals, seeking as much as $92 million to help get its gene therapy for heart failure through a Phase IIb study and into Phase III.

Celladon, Xencor bid for $155M in red-hot IPO market

Celladon and Xencor have cast lines into the still-blazing biotech IPO scene, seeking a combined $155.3 million and betting that the recent Wall Street excitement for drug developers will hold firm.

Celladon's gene therapy for heart failure takes spotlight in the U.K.

San Diego-based Celladon has made a big splash in the U.K. British scientists are playing a prominent role in a pair of clinical trials of Celladon's Mydicar, a gene therapy for heart failure which uses a benign virus to insert the Serca2a gene into heart cells.

Defining 'fierce' in the modern age of drug and device development

Now, more than ever, the life sciences industry is all about innovative and disruptive technologies. Every year for the past decade, FierceBiotech has made its picks on which companies hold the best odds for success in our Fierce 15 report. This year, though, we've added another Fierce 15 to focus on medical devices and diagnostics. I'd like to encourage readers to consider the differences by comparing the companies in each report.