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Latest Headlines

Celgene's next-gen psoriasis drug dissed by German cost watchdog

Celgene's Otezla has hit a snag with the notoriously difficult German cost watchdog IQWiG, which said it just doesn't see the added benefit over treatments already on the market.

Cypher teams up with biotech titan Celgene for companion diagnostics collaboration

San Diego's Cypher Genomics has attracted the attention of a biotech legionnaire, teaming up with industry heavyweight Celgene for a companion diagnostics project aimed at uncovering genetic biomarkers that help match patients to a suitable therapy.

A pair of Celgene partners gets on the FDA fast track

Celgene's expansive approach to partnering continues to bear fruit, as two of the Big Biotech's in-licensed treatments have been added to the FDA's fast-track program, promising a speedy regulatory review as each approaches Phase III.

Celgene partners with Alliqua for a third cell-based, wound care product

Micro-cap Alliqua Biomedical has amended its exclusive licensing deal with Celgene Cellular Therapeutics, a subsidiary of Celgene, to add the right to develop and market the biopharma's connective tissue matrix product. This is the third tissue product that Alliqua has licensed from Celgene, also including the Biovance Human Amniotic Membrane Allograft and the Placental Extra Cellular Matrix.

Celgene's R&D speed dating is starting to pay off, CEO says

Commit up to $485 million to buy a cancer genomics company. Pay another $450 million for a share of an immuno-oncology candidate. Throw in a $30 million licensing deal and an $80 million bet on a longtime collaborator and you've got a month in the life of Celgene, biotech's most prolific dealmaker.

Celgene bets $30M on a Versant-backed cancer startup

Striking its fourth oncology deal in under a week, the prolific Celgene is teaming up with a graduate of the Versant Ventures startup academy, betting the biotech's proprietary R&D engine can churn out some valuable cancer candidates.

Celgene deepens its Agios ties with an $80M option deal

Celgene is expanding its relationship with biotech partner Agios Pharmaceuticals, partnering on another preclinical cancer candidate in a 50-50 deal.

Celgene bags a build-to-buy biotech in $485M cancer deal

A few years after teaming up with Versant Ventures to get Stanford spinout Quanticel Pharmaceuticals off the ground, Celgene is buying the cancer-focused biotech for up to $485 million.

AstraZeneca lends its oncology star to Celgene and recruits Innate in a PD-L1 deal spree

AstraZeneca signed a pair of agreements centered on its most prized cancer therapy, selling a stake to the hematology experts at Celgene and buying the rights to a complementary treatment from Innate Pharma.

Celgene buys into Mesoblast's stem cell pipeline in regenerative med pact

Celgene has stepped up with a deal to buy a $45 million chunk of Mesoblast's stock at a premium price in exchange for a front row seat on the Australian biotech's stem cell pipeline and a preferred spot at the bargaining table if it follows up with a licensing deal.