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Latest Headlines

Australia's Mesoblast reaches milestone on Temcell with Japan partner JCR

Australia's Mesoblast will make the leap from drug discovery as Japanese partner JCR Pharmaceutical received approval to begin sales of an off-the-shelf allogeneic, or regenerative, medical product, Temcell, based on Mesoblast technology, the  Sydney Morning Herald  reports.

Celgene's Abraxane takes another hit from cost-effectiveness gatekeepers

Celgene's Abraxane can't catch a break in England. Soon after losing coverage for pancreatic cancer on the country's dedicated Cancer Drugs Fund, the treatment got another thumbs-down from its official cost-effectiveness watchdogs.

Third Rock's Nurix inks a $150M immuno-oncology pact with Celgene

Third Rock Ventures startup Nurix is lending its drug-development prowess to Celgene in exchange for $150 million up front and much more down the line, collaborating on potential treatments for cancer and immunology.

Celgene antes up $25M for first seat at antibody engineers' new deal table

Celgene is anteing $25 million to take the first seat at the players' table for a new academic research consortium that will put their combined antibody engineering platform to work finding next-gen anticancer therapies with commercial potential.

On a crash course with Celgene? Biogen inks a $544M autoimmune drug deal

After suffering back-to-back R&D and franchise setbacks, Biogen is beefing up its pipeline with a late-stage autoimmune drug, handing over $60 million in cash and promising up to $484 million in milestones to complete the pact with Mitsubishi Tanabe.

Roche CEO lashes out at U.K.'s 'stupid' move to stop paying for a dozen-plus cancer meds

The U.K.'s special cancer drugs fund gave the heave-ho to a slate of treatments, including Roche's cutting-edge breast cancer treatment Kadcyla and Celgene's Abraxane for pancreatic cancer. Drugmakers are hopping mad, cancer treatment charities are despairing--and the fund and some public officials are on the defensive.

Celgene nails down $7.2B takeover of Receptos

Celgene Thursday reported that it had completed its $7.2 billion buyout of Receptos. Celgene agreed to pay $232 per share for the San Diego-headquartered company, a nearly 18% premium.

Analysts fret as market turbulence threatens biotech IPO market

The tremors reverberating through the stock market on Monday left a score of biotechs big and small shaken, alarmed and bruised by the end of the day. But the avalanche of share prices that started early retreated later in the day as the experts weighed in on the long-term implications.

Patent challenger Bass shrugs off Celgene's attack on his short-selling motives

Money makes the world go round--the patent world, that is. That's the word from hedge funder Kyle Bass, who has been targeting drug patents he calls "low quality," and shorting pharma stocks along the way.

Celgene buys into GlobeImmune's cancer immunotherapy

GlobeImmune, reeling from a costly clinical failure, secured a commitment from long-time partner Celgene to collaborate on a new cancer immunotherapy.