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Latest Headlines

Celgene has to fight a former rep's off-label marketing suit, judge says

Thanks to a recent court ruling, a former Celgene sales rep's off-label marketing lawsuit will go forward.

Judge refuses to toss off-label Revlimid marketing lawsuit against Celgene

Thanks to a recent court ruling, a former Celgene sales rep's off-label marketing lawsuit will go forward. The rep, Beverly Brown, claims the company pushed its multiple myeloma drugs Thalomid and Revlimid for uses not approved by the FDA--and a judge says she's produced enough evidence to justify a trial.

Celgene's would-be blockbuster fails in Phase III for spinal arthritis

Celgene's apremilast couldn't quite beat placebo in a late-stage trial on a rare and severe form of arthritis, imperiling a potential indication for a drug the company believes can break the blockbuster barrier.

Big biotech booms while pharma payrolls wither

The past 10 years have seen Big Pharma repeatedly cannibalize itself via megamerger, trimming its ranks through waves of layoffs and a dogged pursuit of efficiency. But Big Biotech, the emerging middle class of not-quite giants, has more than made up for those cuts, essentially doubling to add more than 130,000 workers since 2003, according to EvaluatePharma.

On heels of a Celgene deal, Agios adds promising data on leukemia drug

On Friday, Celgene followed up on its aggressive $130 million upfront deal to land an option on Agios' experimental therapies by locking in development and commercialization rights to its lead drug, AG-221. On Saturday, Agios explained why, detailing Phase I data that showed an objective response among more than half of the evaluable patients and a complete response from 6 of 25.

UPDATED: With early data looming, Celgene grabs rights to Agios' leukemia drug

Not long after Agios was established, Celgene leaned in early to grab options on the preclinical cancer drug programs in the biotech's pipeline, paying $130 million upfront to land the deal and extending their option arrangement last year with another $20 million offering. This morning, with Phase I data on a lead program due for public review this weekend, Celgene pounced, agreeing to exercise its option and provide a package of milestones worth up to $120 million to obtain the rights on AG-221.

Celgene bets $25M on Soon-Shiong's personalized medicine play

Billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong is working to marry Big Data and cancer treatment, and his old friends at Celgene have again stepped in to help out, investing $25 million in NantHealth, a cloud-based oncology brain trust.

Science pays: 2013's 10 best-compensated R&D chiefs in biopharma

For an idea of what kind of year a drug developer had, take a look at what it paid its head of R&D. Click through our roundup for a look at who ranks where in the biopharma R&D world. Read more >>

NanoString to produce companion test for Celgene's blockbuster cancer drug Revlimid

Seattle's NanoString Technologies stands to make up to $45 million if it can come up with a successful companion diagnostic test to screen for a subset of lymphoma patients who will benefit from Celgene's blockbuster drug Revlimid.

Who's going to run Celgene when Hugin hangs it up?

With Celgene CEO Bob Hugin working through his 15th year at the company, an internal race to spot his eventual successor appears to be in progress, and the Big Biotech's latest round of promotions provides some clues to its future leadership.