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Latest Headlines

Stem cell factor could improve ovarian cancer prognosis

In a recent study, researchers at Yale School of Medicine have identified a key link between stem cell factors that fuel ovarian cancer's growth and patient prognosis.

Biomarker spotted for colon cancer stem cells

Kyoto University scientists say they've successfully linked a biomarker to colon cancer stem cells in a mouse study, offering another potential way to develop a targeted cancer treatment with minimal side effects.

Stemline delays IPO to fund cancer drugs

Stemline Therapeutics delayed its initial public offering this week, as another biotech faces a rocky road from private to public status. The oncology drug specialist planned to raise $42 million in an IPO this week at a price of $11 to $13 per share, the Nasdaq reported Tuesday, selling itself as a leader in the development of drugs that home in on cancer stem cells that are implicated in cancer recurrence.

OncoMed offers $115M IPO bet on cancer stem cell work

A year after scoring a $20 million milestone from Bayer, OncoMed Pharmaceuticals is preparing to see if it can generate enough excitement from investors for its cancer stem cell work to support a $115 million IPO.

Company 'insiders' left with 43% of Verastem's shares

Anyone trying to understand what it takes to pull off a successful biotech IPO these days should check out a series of 13Ds Verastem's ($VSTM) insiders filed last month. In the days after...

Dainippon bags Boston Biomedical and cancer stem cell tech in $2.6B buyout

Boston Biomedical's focus on targeting cancer stem cells has paid off.

Fledgling Verastem outlines investor strategy behind high-risk $50M IPO

As today's report on 2011's small class of biotech IPOs makes clear, this is a lousy time for a drug developer to go public--even if it has a compelling late-stage program to boast about. But

Verastem snags $32M for drugs against cancer stem cells

The young field of cancer stem cells has some new financial firepower behind it. Start-up Verastem has closed a $32 million Series B round of financing with plans to advance its first drug against

Tiny Stemline's brain cancer vax grabs a little of ASCO's limelight

With headlines at ASCO zeroing in on star cancer drugs like vemurafenib, crizotinib and cabozantinib, it was difficult for some of the smaller biotechs on the scene to share in the limelight. But